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True Religion, 7 Diamonds, and Ed Hardy.
Merlot. And you do know these are on sale for $199 @ the Nordstrom Anniversary sale, right?
I find I am approaching satisfaction. Once you get so much, you can start to focus on a limited # of items that are unique/you love.
Quote: Originally Posted by Hard2Fit I'm a big fan of the Giant Fit chino so I hope these are right up my alley. Me too. Love the giant fit. They seem to feel great on a really hot day.
Absolutely. Making it look right, despite how much it originally cost, is worth the money.
Out of the readily available LVC's what is the fullest fit?
Not as fancy as the rest, but Levi's Capital E (no longer made) and Citizens of Humanity.
As a fairly recent convert to the mangbag trend, I must say I don't think I can make it to manclutch.
If you like the quality of 7's, you just as well save a lot of money and buy some jeans from the Gap.
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