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Hot Sauce Committeee 2 by the Beastie Boys is fantastic.
Straight leg is where it's at.
31 better not be too old for sneakers, because I am 36 and I wear them a lot. Try something classic like and adidas shell toe, and you are good to go.
For the gym, you'll want something with a little polyester in it. I like Nike Cotton Dri Fit the best. You are at the gym for goodness sake, it's not a fashion show. Other options include Under Armour Charged Cotton, Under Armour essential t's, or Adidas cotton/Poly blends.
None of the above. All are douchey to the extreme.
8.5. Kind of random topic, though.
Quote: Originally Posted by Alfa 1601/4 is one of my favorites. A bit too small for my fat wrists, but lovely nonetheless. I think unless your wrists are >8.25 inches, you can rock the classic datejust. 36mm is more than sufficient for most people. I know I am looking forward to getting my Seamaster 120 back, and it's only 37 mm.
Quote: Originally Posted by Pablo-T That story does resonate - altho they forgot the acid wash, and the large-size bib overalls (on women) in Kansas City. Now I will gripe about KC's dressing a lot, but can't say I see a lot of overalls on women. What I do see is a lot of douchewear and jorts.
I think aviators are the way to go.
Not surprised in the least to see KC on the list.
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