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Anybody know who sells APC in the Scottsdale area? I want to find some Rescues.
Quote: Originally Posted by StephenHero Don't be silly, guys. Hathaway wins the chest, but Mila wins everywhere else. Again, my opinion.
Quote: Originally Posted by imageWIS I'm going to open a can of worms on SF: Mila Kunis > Anne Hathaway +1 and going away, IMO
Thanks. My bad for overlooking that.
Whodini, Do you have a recommendation for a jean in a more relaxed fit? I have a stocky build, and have trouble finding good jeans to accomodate my build. Thanks in advance for any assistance you could offer. Not sure this helps, but Citizens of Humanity Evans is a good fit for me.
At least the President is showing some spine. I hope he doesn't blink and actually looks like the grownup in the room.
Never knew eyes could be so sexy.
A friend who is always posting about interviews when he has friends he works with. Not the wisest of ideas.
Just finding out that our organization will not be giving out raises for the 2nd consecutive year. Time to start looking in a rough economy. . .
It's a tough call what is more unpleasant; slightly large v. slightly small. I almost think I'd rather have something slightly small.
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