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I really like it. It's definitely kind of a throwback if you well. I was bummed to read the other day that MCA isn't quite done with his fight with cancer. Hopefully that ends well and they go on tour.
Really hoping they go on tour again soon.
Still like straight to relaxed the best.
Next on my list is a vintage Heuer Chrono. Anyone have any tips on the best sources for those? I am in Kansas City, not exactly watch mecca, so I may have to resort to online. But I will be out in Phoenix/Scottsdale next month, so I'd appreciate if anyone knows any places out there.
Isn't formal chino an oxymoron?
Rob Dyrdek's in house counsel. Too bad that job is already taken.
It's the anniversary sale, so they should be first grade quality. I just didn't know about how walnut would fit in with my wardrobe.
Try some Mignon Faget ones. They are beautiful and more discreet than Mont Blanc or Tiffany.
Rather pedestrian by forum standards, but I have been enjoying my Jack Spade work twill haversack quite a bit lately.
How is it punishing big business when so very few pay taxes at all? And with tax rates at their lowest rates since the 50's it is odd that the R's are screaming about small increases. It's odd they didn't scream (thinking of Cantor particularly) when they voted to increase the debt ceiling 7 times. All this for the first president to ever cut taxes ina time of war.
New Posts  All Forums: