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They also make it with a gold face if you want to go all in. I saw it in person, and the all good is a fun, nice looking watch.
What about getting a Nixon Monopoly in gold as a fun, different look watch and getting an understated stainless steel watch as your primary watch?
Wash it in the dishwasher and leave it in for the dry cycle. That should shrink it a little.
Has anybody tried the dress shirts? Looks like they are running a 2 for $100 deal right now with free shipping. If they were good, I was thinking about picking a couple up.
51 or 52.
Jack Purcell or Adidas superstar whiteout.
Not that I can answer your particular question, but I have the Ultra Caravan which is in 58. Really, there isn't that much of a difference and I'd rather have aviators large than small. I"d go with the 58. Recently bought some Mosley tribes borough, which is one of the few plastic frames that actually fit me well.
Not a major purchase, but picked up some Mosley Tribes Borough sunglasses. Have trouble getting plastic sunglasses that fit my face.
I don't usually like two tone, but I kind of like it here. That's what I'd go with.
Depends on your definition of "upscale" I suppose, but unless it's a restaurant with a dress code, I think jeans usually work, levis or not.
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