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I still think the Tank Francaise is the best tank watch avaialble today. Just a gorgeous watch.
My experience is only with sunglasses, but Salt seems to have much better build quality than Oliver Peoples IMO>
Kind of off topic, but I just picked up my Omega Seamaster 120 (first nice watch bought in 01) from service. After weeks of wearing my 43 mm diver, the 37 mm all around watch is going to take some adjustment. Watch looks like new and feels very light. It's just odd how the preference for size of watches changed in 10 years. I guess it is the size of the classic datejust, so maybe that is a more classic size.
As another idea, if you like Persol but want something that might flatter your face a little better, take a look at the 2958. They are plastic aviators that are very cool
I don't know what kind of decoration Cartier uses, but I suppose it is either the ETA 2824 or the 2892. If it's the 2892 and well decorated, that's a pretty fine movement. I know I have an Omega Seamaster 120 from 2001 that uses a rhodium plated ETA 2892 for its movement, and it consistently runs at +1 second a day which exceeds my expectations for an automatic watch. My Tag Heuer Aquaracer 500 using a Sellita SW 200 runs +5 a day. I'm sure the Francaise could hit that...
I have a polo I've had for about 4-5 years that seems to be holding up quite well. And I have some ties that are older than that.
The Francaise is also a gorgeous watch. Really love the styling of the Cartiers,even if the movements aren't exceptional.
I think are both timeless classics that kind of buck the trend of wearing Flava Flav style watches. I have a diver, but wouldn't think of wearing it with a suit.
Sitch has had it coming for quite some time. And I'm sure Ron's roid rage didn't help in the situation, either.
I liked them because they were close to me and offered very good coupons, unlike Barnes & Noble. Looks like Costco and Amazon for books for me now, with the occasional purchase from Barnes & Noble.
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