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Somebody mentioned paisley. Bought a great paisley shirt last spring, and wore it a lot in spring and summer. As to flannel and gingham, love both, but within moderation. Too much of anything is overkill, but these both seem to be classics.
Pajama jeans.
Quote: Originally Posted by BC2012 Ari has a JD/MBA from Michigan and works for his client's best interests in the entertainment industry. Damn close enough. Thought Ari's JD/MBA was from USC?
Just got a Vanishing Point for Christmas from my wife. This is my first fountain pen, so I hope it's an enjoyable experience.
Quote: Originally Posted by edinatlanta Congrats to UConn women. But serious lulz at the absolute lack of parity in women's hoops. They only trailed 3% of the the time they played. I don't want to rant but fuck, why do they even bother to rank more than 10, 15 teams at the absolute most? Ugh. If Auriemma is as great of coach as he thinks he is, he should move on to a more challenging position. What a douchebag.
Citizens of Humanity has some decent 98/2 jeans.
Quote: Originally Posted by shadrach but you kind of look ridiculous when you can see your bare chest running down the middle of your shirt. And that is why you wear an undershirt. I haven't noticed that I guess, but I will have to pay attention next time I do the wash. I pickedup the Bali Blue button down on sale. Tough to beat their button downs for the price, especially when on sale.
Quote: Originally Posted by unjung What, your great grandfather was a spruce tree? Nope, my Mom grew up in a town up there, and Grandparents still live there. Beautiful area, if not desolate.
Quote: Originally Posted by AR_Six Hah, coming from a yank this could be perceived as borderline racist. If Canadian were a race. Said Yank has family roots in Labrador, so I guess I am making this joke against myself, too.
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