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I've got some ones I bought last year and they seem to be well built. I did notice Sunglass Hut has a lot of vintage frames for sale, but it's hard for me to justify the premium.
What Model # are these?
Definitely the 2958 in black. I bought them and they look great. Just don't feel Ari confident enough to pull them off too often.
Last year he wore the 2958, I think. Don't know if he's wearing the same this year.
Gray blazers are nice. Adidas gazelles or superstars are also available in gray and would be nice.
I did a search, so I don't know if this has been answered yet, but does anybody have the duck cloth pants? I was just trying to get a feel whether they were slim or more of a traditional fit?
The duck pants look pretty good. Does anybody know if they are more of a slim fit or a regular fit? It says straight, but that can be defined differently at different stores.
I really like the Oxford, but wonder about the quality of the leather.
People have commented that the quality of Persol and Ray Ban have gone downhill since the acquisition by Luxottica. I just like the idea of supporting an independent company which should be smaller, hence better QC. That being said, I do have a pair of Ray Ban Ultra Caravans, and the quality is on point for those. Of course they retailed for $475, but I was able to get them new without paying anything near that.
I got my 37mm Omega Seamaster 120 (the first real watch I ever bought) back from servicing last week. I forgot how well a watch of this size wears on the watch. It feels great and looks fine. Now my 43mm Aquaracer 500 looks cartoonish by comparison.
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