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A friend randomly showed up in a fascinator at my wedding. She texted me five days prior: "What if I wear a hat to your wedding, like, rock it British royal style. Would you approve?"It was fantastic.
Nope. I sent back some defective custom Carlyles a couple months ago and saw this yesterday on eBay. Those are definitely my ex-shoes (unless someone else out there has Frankenstein feet and a recent need for all-weather black tie footwear).
Because I'm such a weird size, shoes that fit me are few and far between... but a screaming deal when they show up on eBay. My first pair of shell were some old stock NIB Leeds for $135 shipped (image from auction listing):...it was the gentlest possible introduction to the stuff.
Very well done, y'all. It was amazing when I logged in yesterday morning and saw >100 new posts in this thread from the weekend -- I can't recall a GMTO that blew up so hard and so fast. Hope it turns out well!
I'm 6'2"/165 and kind of terrified that sleeves would be too short on a medium, let alone a small. Can I trouble you to share your arm length and how the sleeves look?
Buy it on clearance in a larger size and take it to a cobbler to have it shortened? If you buy a size 44, there'll probably be enough left over to stitch together a matching key fob or something.
Yes. Style differences usually include poron insoles, a different sole, and/or a different last -- but they're made to the same standards, on the same production lines, by the same people.
I've had a pair of Park Avenues for the last five years. They've been my go-to for funerals, black tie, job interviews -- I even got married in 'em. Then in January I ordered a pair of black Carlyles with a Dainite sole, since I'm in a tuxedo often and sometimes the weather is nasty.For me it's no contest. The Carlyle is a much sleeker shoe in every way; I'm happy to lose the captoe if it means my feet look that much better otherwise. If I wore a suit to work every day I...
I had an idea for how to do this, so I googled it.That was a mistake.
New Posts  All Forums: