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I'm in black tie and behind a French horn for concerts roughly twenty times a year, and have mixed feelings. It makes a lot of sense -- but I've never yet had a problem with how cotton breathes and moves.
Decided to go with a different engineer's recommendation. This guy's crew cleaned up and mortared the cracks, then used carbon fiber strips under the three windows and 22 I-beams around the entire perimeter -- sunk into the floor, bolted and mortared into the wall, and braced against the ceiling joists. Finally squared it away a few weeks ago. $17k. Our cellar is now bombproof & guaranteed in writing to stay that way.So I immediately last week locked in a 15-year refinance...
What he said. I groomsman'd for a friend last year; his bride arranged for a bottle of bourbon and a nice watch to be delivered to him in his hotel suite that morning -- you'd damn well better believe he took off the watch he was wearing and put that one on instead.
I'm 6'2"/165 and fit into most 38L suits without any problems. I visited Suitsupply in Georgetown a couple years back and could not fit into a 38L (the shoulders were too narrow) so since you're even slimmer than I am, you might look in that direction; free shipping both ways makes life easier and they certainly have the slimmer cuts you seek. To echo those above me, don't put it off until you get to Rome. Peace of mind is worth so much more than the slim possibility of a...
My sentiments exactly. I'm sure the grandchildren will get a good laugh out of those photos.This thread is just full of interesting stylistic choices!
As the purchaser, it was no typo -- my summerweight 32 straights measured 33.5" when I put them on for the first time. But I agree wholeheartedly with your post. Their published fit specs are the best bet shy of buying on eBay after viewing a listing whose photos involve a yardstick.It's enough to make me want to give up buying denim online. :P
I've since sold the American Sixteeners. They just weren't gonna stretch.
You won't find any love for matchy-matchy neckwear in this forum (or the entire website). Purple is not something most of us can in good conscience advise if "classic" is the look you're after... and if it isn't, I'm afraid you're looking in the wrong place for approval.
Most folks here are into looking good within the bounds of a certain traditionally-accepted framework. That framework generally calls for plain black calf footwear when getting married. There are myriad ways to accomplish looking "a little different" while respecting those bounds.If you intend otherwise, I very much appreciate burgundy/oxblood... I just wouldn't wear it at my own wedding.
Unfortunately my shell Mitchell money clip wallet is too thick to comfortably fit in my back pocket for the 2x-3x a month I wear a suit or tuxedo... so I picked up a Gustin simple. I rarely carry cash, but after a day or two of stretching my simple wallet could fit eight cards without a problem:
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