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It's come up and I believe was nixed due to apparent impropriety. As patient and awesome and hard-working as she is, seems the maximum advisable limit of expressing that would be a card and/or glowing letter to upper management.
I hear you, brother. My mother told me once that our family could've been vegetarian if char siu wasn't so damn tasty.As a 34-year-old data point I'll second ultravisitor up there -- if I weren't in black tie on a monthly basis, I wouldn't own any black shoes. Even for a job interview or to get married, I'd happily wear some mirror-polished merlot captoes.
Thanks for the advice. Perhaps I'll soak 'em upside down just past the crotch (hoping capillary action doesn't draw anything too much beyond that) and then take that walk, if we get a freak 55°+ day sometime before spring.
I had the same problem with some American Sixteeners I backed a year ago. They never got to the point where I could comfortably wear them. I probably should've sent them back for credit after trying them on but I stubbornly thought they'd break in if I only kept wearing them. Two dozen wears, a wash/hang-dry-while-stretching-the-waist, and another half dozen wears later, nope. Still uncomfortably tight in the hips/seat. Since I've got nothing left to lose I might soak them...
Thanks for chiming in, everyone! I can confirm what Owlbass said -- my reply to the promo email was answered by a rep who claimed a $40 upcharge. I'm absolutely fine with this; the shoes are worth it at full price, especially when nobody else on the planet can get me anything comparable inside of a six-month period that fits.I just emailed Allison a few minutes ago to pull the trigger. Now I just need to find a source for silk shoelaces (ideally under $40) and my...
Freshly delivered to my inbox from Allen Edmonds: I've wanted a Dainite-soled black calf Carlyle since they started making Carlyles. It'd be perfect for the dozen times a year I need to be in black tie regardless of weather. If the MTO fee isn't too great to get it done in an AA width, I think they just might have convinced me...
Be aware also that if you wait too long, the deals aren't as good. Shell seconds were $299 back in February '14, then $325 last October... who knows what they'll sell for at the next drastic markdown?
You mentioned "the NY winter" earlier in this thread; I'm guessing you stepped on a particularly hard bit of rock salt, given how snowy it's been lately in the Northeast. I'm afraid that's not something for which Allen Edmonds can reasonably be held accountable. They straight up say "it doesn't make any sense to invest in a top-quality pair of Allen Edmonds shoes and not do everything you can to protect them" in the description for their overshoes. The double sole of the...
Hear, hear! I only own a pair of Wilberts because they are literally the only rubber-soled shoe AE stocks in my width, and I was too cheap back in the day to consider MTO.
Those are going to age like nothing else. I bet they'll look even more incredible in the years to come.
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