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Thanks. Now I've got this frightful idea for an "evening hoodie" stuck in my head: midnight blue wool, double-breasted (no zipper). Grosgrain trim around the cuffs and edge of the hood and jetted handwarmer pockets.Black silk ribbon to cinch up the hood.I want to gouge out my brain.
I hear that. 13.5AA is a particularly special hell. 14AA works... usually.
3.5" lapels are as classic as it gets. You might stretch to 4" if they're peak and shaped well; I figure it depends on body style.Five years ago I went with a MTM gray three-piece for my wedding. It was GREAT for my wedding... but the peak lapels and high-cut waist do not serve well for use afterward when the desire is to blend in (as with interviews and funerals). I feel more comfortable in those situations wearing a standard navy two-button two-piece with notch...
Welcome!I wouldn't worry about appearing too distinct from your fellows -- everyone will presumably know who you are.A tuxedo is by definition (and in myriad ways) not what's presented above. It is not charcoal; it is worn neither without a waist covering, nor with a standard white shirt, nor without a black bow tie.I'm afraid you won't find much use for our opinions if yours are as firm as they appear. Perhaps consider instead a charcoal suit and polished black calf shoes...
A few years ago I was in the exact same boat; my 31 straight Gap 1969 jeans fit me wonderfully and I wanted to step into something a bit nicer. Gustin 32 straight (in both 10oz and 16oz) were tough to button and baggy through the legs by comparison, but I gambled on a 33 slim American Fourteener and it's nearly identical to the Gap 31 straight.I'll echo mountainman3520. Trust the sizing guide. And realize that 16.25oz denim won't stretch as much as whatever Gap used -- so...
Spent the weekend at my in-laws' place, along with my wife's sister and her husband. Brother-in-law is just starting to develop his palate for the amber tipples and for Christmas on Saturday got a book on whisky from my wife's parents; his birthday is today, so on Sunday I gave him a bottle of Auchentoshan Three Wood. He was loving life. It's nice to take a step back from the rare and/or expensive to simply watch a friend discover what he likes.
This exactly sums up my own thoughts on the #8 CXL belt I got in the first run a year and a half back. I don't regret buying it; while it's nicer than most belts at that price and I am very pleased with the construction, it just doesn't wow me. Full disclosure: I'm comparing it to a custom Horween Dublin belt I bought two years ago for more than twice the price. "Guaranteed to make the rest of your belts jealous," as advertised on that guy's site, is accurate. I just can't...
I'd have to agree with the above. Pebble-grain black captoes are kind of a confusing beast, and not something I'd pair with black tie. Offerings from Kent Wang or Allen Edmonds might suit instead.disclaimer: I own the latter with a black Dainite sole; they're my go-to for weddings, funerals, eveningwear, orchestra concerts, job interviews -- anything reasonably spiffy in which the show must go on regardless of weather.
As a 14AA, I have in my darker moments given serious thought to getting my big toes amputated at the knuckle so I could maybe fit into a 12B.
These days, yes. Those Badlands were a group MTO from a year ago:I wear mine weekly; they're a fantastic casual build.
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