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Sorry -- 0 for 2. My only other 1-last shoes (a Wilbert, two pairs of Leeds) are "outland leather" and shell cordovan, so I can't speak to the fit of calf relative to Dublin.I'd suggest, though, that you're going the right direction. You'll want to wear slightly thicker socks with boots anyway; the extra few millimeters will come in handy.
Sorry, I really couldn't say -- there are no natural-welted shoes in my stable. I just chose buff because I knew it'd go nicely against the tan.
Sounds like a wingtip version of the Bayfield I ordered this time last year... [[SPOILER]] I still like them an awful lot. They're my go-to boot for just about anything that needs more than I want to throw at my Dalton's leather soles. You'll be happy with English tan Dublin; it just keeps getting better with age.
If I had a pair like that, I'd wear them with no-show socks and a seersucker suit every single week between May and September. Those are fantastic.
More than any other shoe, I wish these were on a last that could be built up in an AA width... because I really want a pair. Yours look fantastic; nice pickup!
Yup, I think we've found your problem. I've not known Nordstrom to stock widths other than D in stores.Heed RitchieBro's wisdom. It's definitely worth your while to get fitted at an AE store where you can select from four to eight widths instead of one or two.
It's legal tender -- they'd probably grin and bear it -- but after my years in retail, that's something I would not do.
When it comes to planning your own wedding, I heard some fantastic advice a while back: go with the flow... but choose one (1) thing and put your foot firmly down on it. You might consider "compassion for your best male friends" that one thing.
...those two shell shoes are the exact two models I've managed to limit myself to in 2014. Nice choices all; wear them well!
The by-the-book answer to your questions is "nope". Stripes are for business (or morning dress trousers), a waistcoat will have an unsightly and inappropriate bulge over the belt buckle, formal shoes are black, and classic ties are classic. If it were me I wouldn't find fault with some polished-to-within-an-inch-of-their-lives oxblood captoes.For what it's worth, none of this will make you "look like a complete goober". Make sure things fit properly and wear a tasteful...
New Posts  All Forums: