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Yup! 14AA MacNeils don't look chunky at all:
Glad they made it!I love how the first thing we all do is swap out the laces.
The above. A lot. I was in my Wilberts not even weekly and the sole didn't last two years before the hollow heel started collecting pebbles; I sent 'em to B Nelson for resole. Never again with the Othello sole for me.
If we can swing it during a sale and the price is $250 or less -- future penny-pinching me will hate today free-spending me, but I'm in.
And if your feet are proportional outliers, you can get a shoe made in a different size from those listed (so long as the last exists) for an additional $40.
I owned a tuxedo in high school -- but I was onstage in black tie two or three times a month for concerts. If I'd spent tuxedo money on AAPL back then it'd be worth the value of my house today. Not to be a dick, but I strongly suggest a decent rental until you're done filling out and/or you have reason to wear it more than once every few years.
That would be incredible IFF we specify no medallion on the toe like there is in production Fifth Street makeups. Depends on cost and timing, but I'm tentatively in.
I'll keep buying Allen Edmonds shoes for as long as I need footwear... because nobody else on the planet (except buying used on eBay) can get me anything in a size 14AA within three months of the order date. That said, if they keep allowing us to work the system -- GMTOs at sale price, for instance -- I'll keep buying them AND stay a thoroughly satisfied customer. Here's a crosspost from the MTO thread of some Badlands we custom spec'd at the end of November for $199. It...
Belt and laces came in today -- and I found my ancient DSLR's battery charger -- so I thought I'd snap a photo: I'm very happy with how these turned out. As soon "traction on ice and snow" is no longer a criterion when I'm deciding on shoes in the morning, they're going to get a lot of play in my rotation.
I was most convinced that the instagram shoes aren't from Allen Edmonds because to the best of my knowledge, AE doesn't display combination last sizes. I've never seen something like 11 B/2A on the inside of any of my shoes.
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