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That was my gut reaction, too.
Thank you for the heads up. It is disheartening that thingstododc.com's "Black Tie Events" section is described by this photo:...but I will keep an eye out.
I wish that sort of place existed in DC. There was a black tie Styleforum meetup at Off the Record last January, but the only other chances I've had to wear black tie lately have been onstage at orchestra concerts.
Sorry to pile on the cancellations -- but this weather, combined with some last-minute OMGWTFLOLBBQ at the office, has triggered the mother of all nausea-inducing sinus headaches. I'm going to pass tonight and instead try to lie perfectly still in my blackout-draped bedroom. Have fun, friends!
Welcome! We're glad you came, and very well done. Sorry about your bank account; at least the warm glow of tanned horse is far more hypnotic than stacks of Benjamins.
Shipped Monday and hit my mailbox (just east of DC) this morning. Wicked supple, measurement is dead on, finish is almost on par with my Greg Stevens Dublin belt. The CXL will wear in nicely. Very pleased.
I, too, decided on pilot-watch-and-MTO-boot day at the office. Dublin Bayfields:
I emailed earlier this month about the #8 CXL belts and got back the following:It was very cleverly phrased; there are no concrete dates at all. That said, I hope to receive a shipping notification this coming week.
What he said. I wrote a few weeks ago about receiving some Laga 16 from a friend. In that time it's grown on me a lot, and I think it will even more in months to come.
That was way back in 2012. I didn't realize they left an impression! In light of your post above, I'll trot that photo back out:They need new heels (...the rubber bit on the combination heel doesn't last very long for me) but they still serve remarkably well for evening casual use.
New Posts  All Forums: