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It looks like shell is back in the shoe bank (at least in size 14AA) at the same ol' $499 price. I wonder why they disappeared a few days back, only to return.
Did somebody say burgundy shell Daltons...?I wore these last week in the rain and they got all gritty. This is after five minutes of loving with a damp towel, some VSC, a brush, and a flannel polishing cloth. They still need a bit of edge dressing. Goddamn I love shell cordovan:
Deleted -- hit submit too quickly.
Well, I've been inspired.Tan Dublin Bayfields with a split reverse welt (and a dount):
Would that I were there. I'm doing this instead.
Not if you care about adhering to established convention, no.Your implicit acceptance when guidelines were provided means they expect you to show up in a tuxedo: satin lapels & stripe down the side of the trousers. A hypothetical "great fitting versatile suit" by definition excludes those details. If you'd rather not, you must run your ideas past the bride and groom prior to sinking any money into an outfit that won't match your fellows.Just wear a tuxedo (and be glad you...
That right there was some tough basketball. I was glad my Terps fought Izzo's squad twice early in the season, because beating that juggernaut in March is (as they found out) no small task.Nice shoes!
I'd be there if not for an orchestra rehearsal. I'll wear Incotex cords and shell gunboats that day in honor of all the bourbon I won't be drinking and forum in-jokes I won't be enjoying. Have a good time!
You make an excellent point. However, now I'm forced to bring out the big guns (err, feet): the 333 last doesn't exist in 14AA.
It's a fantastic-looking idea, but I have no need for closed-lacing shoes beyond the four pair I already own.I hope those who do will beat a path to your door.
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