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Hah! Nope, never seen it. I had my pupils dilated during an exam years ago and snapped a photo. It's personal enough without being at all identifiable so I figure it makes a good avatar.
I posted that question last January in the Black Tie thread and got a few thoughts on the matter... but my budget never allowed for me to do anything about it before Grangaard's MTO door swung shut.I like the idea of shell formal shoes, but it seems oddly that the point of black tie footwear is its refinement and frailty. The cream of the crop tends to be easily-scuffed patent leather, Blake or glued construction for the thinnest possible sole, with even a quilted interior...
Black shell is a weird animal. It's a formal color in a relatively informal material. Might be overthinking it, but I tend not to wear mine (black shell Leeds) during the day unless it's overcast. I like pairing them with selvedge, open collar, and a dark linen sportcoat if I go out in the evening.If you wear suits to work, I suspect those Cambriges will serve you particularly well for the next twenty or thirty years.
You're in the right place. Check out the shoe bank for seconds, and it's best to call direct if you see something you like to snag it before somebody else does. AE's Rediscover America sale (15%-30% off) should be taking place in a couple of weeks; to know exactly when it hits, it's easiest to follow them on Twitter or Facebook.edit: beaten by FIVE SECONDS. Thanks, mdubs.
If anybody'd like to see how they look with a full lugged sole (as with the Long Branch), I had some done up last year in Dublin:
I used the "thick socks" brainwashing technique to justify buying shell Daltons in 14B. A year later I had Bayfields MTO'd in 14AA. Now my Daltons are sadly lacking. Learn from me -- don't do it, friends, especially with shell.
I'm not certain about this. My understanding is that if you want a shoe in a width not specifically available on their site, it's an MTO. The Connecticut Ave store in DC quoted me "for a additional fee of $125.00, the Copley could be made in a size 14 AA" four years ago.That said, a few months later they also wrote "I have just been informed that the bayfield boot can not be made in a size 14 2A" but I'm wearing 'em right now. It may depend on whom you speak with at the...
I was able to have a pair of Bayfields MTO'd in an AA width. If they have last in that width, they can make the shoe (or boot!). Just placed an order with Port Washington for a pair of #8 Leeds. That'll bring the total to four in #8 (alongside MacNeils, Daltons, and Graysons) and another pair of shell Leeds in black.The prices keep nudging up, though, and I can't justify more than a dozen pairs of shoes unless I start wearing suits for a living (with commensurate salary...
Those are the two most appropriate choices to wear with any shade of shell plain-toe shoes.Disclaimer: I'm right now wearing burgundy shell longwings with denim, so I may be a bit biased.
Ain't that the truth. I'm fortunate that I can hardly ever find shell that fits my feet. The only pair left in the shoe bank are some #8 Leeds on which I think I'll pounce in a day or two... and I might have them shipped to my office to avoid the wrath of my lovely wife.
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