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Thanks for clarifying! If I could ask one other question -- I'm an AA width. Lasts exist to make all of the shoes mentioned in AA widths, but only the Park Avenue and Strand are available that way stock. If I wanted a natty shell Dundee, I'd be in it for an additional fee on top, correct?
What Mr. G says: "new lasts!"What I hear: "we're phasing out the widths that fit you!"Feels like I'd better stock up for the rest of my life while the getting's good before availability gets even worse than it already is.
I already emailed them last month asking if anybody had returned a chore coat or trucker jacket because the arms were too long. Hell is trying to find a natural-fiber casual jacket when you're tall and thin. We've been complaining for a while.
With regret, I'm out. I'm in rehearsals Thursday nights 'til December. Have a good time!
The CEO might feel a tiny bit awful if he knew I'd forgone my dog's walk to come downtown for a visit.Welp, there's nothing for it. I'll have to bring the dog.
With regular use, shell cordovan requires little to no maintenance (cleaning or restoration) of any kind; there's so much oil involved in the tanning process that it tends to stay pretty well nourished for years by itself. My wallet is two years old, used daily, and hasn't ever seen any wipedowns beyond life in my back pocket.The material often develops "welts" -- that rough, bumpy texture -- after exposure to moisture. Regular use will cause the roughness to subside. Just...
So this is tomorrow, nine metro stops from my house: ...Wish I could go, but it'd have to be straight from the office, and it's not like our dog can let himself out. Hope other DC SFers can make it!
For its intended use, there are few shoes more timeless than the Strand.I wouldn't wear them with business casual, though.
Sounds like a good time -- I just can't swing Thursdays until December. I'll plan to catch y'all at the (presumed) black tie holiday shindig.
If it's anything like their shell, just leave it in a sunny window for a week or three.
New Posts  All Forums: