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It took me far longer than it should have to figure out what was meant here (in case anybody else is similarly confused).
My wife doesn't understand why I'll spend five hundred bucks on a pair of boots, but she and I both love how burgundy shell looks in natural light after they've been worn every week for a couple of years and developed that sort of variation.I don't try to "fix" it; I kinda wish all my shoes did that (except the black Park Avenues and brown Byrons -- gotta look serious sometimes) .
Nope. They've closed the loophole that allowed those to be made at that price. Eagle County boots may be available again later in the year when we're heading into boot season, but you won't find them MTO for $197.
Bring it into one of the DC-area shops and they'll most likely take good care of you. If they don't, clean it with a soft cloth and rubbing alcohol, then use a little bit of this stuff to bond it back together; it'll be fine.
Poron insole (so slightly less volume until the foam compresses to fit your feet), rubber tap sole (which would be a $50 upcharge on AE's website). A few forum posts here and AAAC mention that they're built on the same last. Also that nifty combination heel.
If you're a D width, you could go with these or these from Brooks Brothers' current sale.
Basement wall bowing inward. Just had a structural engineer come by. Looking at a rebuild of 1921-era 12" block construction along a 25' wall and 4' of adjacent wall around the corner, possible footer work, 9 carbon fiber strips up another wall to prevent further cracking, and a new sump pump so we don't have to worry about ours being on its last legs. $20k preliminary estimate... presuming there's no footer damage to worry about.
Check out this thread. Post #1 will answer your questions, but it's worth reading the whole way through.Warning: by investigating that option, you're choosing the red pill.
Welcome to the cult! That sucking sound you hear is coming from your checking account -- but you'll get used to it after a while.Those are some good-looking shoes. My next shell purchase will likely be some burgundy Leeds seconds; just waiting to see if the $299 sale comes back in a few months.
I have no experience with a deer bone or any products other than AE cordovan cream, Venetian Shoe cream, and Renovateur. As long as they're wiped down and brushed regularly, however, I've found my best-looking shell shoes are those that I've worn the hardest and to which I've applied the least product.It's a weird material.I paid more than twice that for my shell Macneils; congratulations on the score!
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