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Combine the Long Branch with HDLP and you've got yourself a nice all-weather boot. Be aware that the product will darken leather... but with dark denim, that sounds to me like a good thing.
I'd have to agree. Between the poron insole, squishy rubber outsole, and whatever intensely supple cowhide they use for the uppers, the humble Wilbert sure does feel nice.
The MacNeils are their most popular longwing. Don't worry, they'll have 'em in the store. Only that particular color and the brown burnished are exclusive to the web.
I won't press for details, because surprises are good fun and I realize it'll be a while yet before anything is assured, but -- are you able to share the last(s) under consideration? I need to know whether I should start saving my nickels.
Just received an invoice for the bitter chocolate suede Badlands group MTO! Psyched. Does a $110 SMU fee appear on anybody else's invoice? I haven't participated before, and don't know whether it's: in error to be zero'd out later because the Badlands isn't normally available in 14AA something else entirely Edit: Just saw CUSTOM FEE WILL BE WAIVED in the notes. Nev'mind.
Be aware that any goodyear-welted shoe is "recraftable". I had some Wilberts resoled with Vibram gumlite -- rather than the way-too-soft othello sole from the factory -- by B. Nelson for sixty bucks a couple years ago.The biggest difference is Allen Edmonds uses the original lasts... but my Wilberts still fit just fine, and this time the soles haven't completely worn away over an 18-month span.
Formality is simplicity. More broguing and stitching and whatnot tends to make a shoe less formal, not more so.Here's one guide that I like.
What he said. Sounds good; thanks for organizing it so quickly!
If they'll do it in an AA width (they should, it's a 5-last shoe) I'm in. Not worried about details; my only wish is for a non-leather sole -- got too may leather-soled bluchers already.
Those look pretty good. Incidentaly, I emailed B. Nelson about brown Dainite and he's got it; I'll be using his services when a pair of minilug boots I have becomes worn down.
New Posts  All Forums: