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I'm 6'2"/165 and kind of terrified that sleeves would be too short on a medium, let alone a small. Can I trouble you to share your arm length and how the sleeves look?
Buy it on clearance in a larger size and take it to a cobbler to have it shortened? If you buy a size 44, there'll probably be enough left over to stitch together a matching key fob or something.
Yes. Style differences usually include poron insoles, a different sole, and/or a different last -- but they're made to the same standards, on the same production lines, by the same people.
I've had a pair of Park Avenues for the last five years. They've been my go-to for funerals, black tie, job interviews -- I even got married in 'em. Then in January I ordered a pair of black Carlyles with a Dainite sole, since I'm in a tuxedo often and sometimes the weather is nasty.For me it's no contest. The Carlyle is a much sleeker shoe in every way; I'm happy to lose the captoe if it means my feet look that much better otherwise. If I wore a suit to work every day I...
I had an idea for how to do this, so I googled it.That was a mistake.
Can't go wrong with buff linen.Under no circumstances should tie and vest ever match unless the dress code calls for black tie or white tie. In those cases, you're even provided with the proper color in the invitation!
Yup. The most classic shell shoe there is, really. Ordered them the day Paul G. implemented the no-MTO-fee program a few years ago. Love 'em.Welcome to your next footwear obsession. Shell is dangerous stuff.
Even with the $ spanking the €, I'm glad my feet are too narrow for Carmina... because I would own far too many balmoral boots like that. Those're gorgeous.My four pairs of burgundy shell all display similar variance. Nice family photo!
Quite a few. My big-deal fishing trip is opening day for striper on the Chesapeake. It's usually still cold out there on the third Saturday in April, so a few years ago I picked up some high-top deck shoes from Quoddy; I like them very much:Quoddy allowed me to customize them through the roof, too. They fit my weirdly long and narrow feet just fine.Alternates include Sebago, Oak Street, and Rancourt (who I believe was affiliated with Allen Edmonds in the past).Mea culpa @...
New Posts  All Forums: