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These days, yes. Those Badlands were a group MTO from a year ago:I wear mine weekly; they're a fantastic casual build.
Good info! I wish I'd known this a week or two ago before they locked size on the 33 slim American Fourteeners I ordered. A 33 straight, with that slimmer knee and cuff, would be better.
Thanks for the heads up!Oh, hey, no tall sizes on long-sleeved stuff.Again.
I'd imagine Kent Wang would happily put together an overcoat to suit your specific taste. Peak lapels, covered buttons, welted pocket, MTM fit --I should not have looked at that. Now I kinda want one.
As odd vests go, I think that combination works pretty well. The example below from last year is a good illustration:
I've been waffling for the last week, and finally backed the #259 American Fourteener today as a low-cost option to see whether a 33 slim works better for me than desperately stretching a 32 straight (which worked for 10oz summerweights but sure didn't for a 16.5oz American Sixteener).First it was 96.0% funded, then I backed it and it was STILL 96.0% funded (with the decimal each time), and now it's 95% funded.So confused.
I very much appreciate the fly front shirt. Studs are so prominent; I'm not a fan of the way they break up the shirt, nor how they're used in what seems like 95% of evening shirts out there. The fly front, meanwhile, is distinctive by its rarity.
Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!If you wouldn't buy a burgundy tuxedo (a choice with which we'd agree), why would you get married in one?
In twenty years of wearing tuxedos, I've never worn anything but wing collars. I feel a lot better about it since I discovered fitted bow ties; an uninterrupted band of satin looks a lot better than random sizing hardware.That said, my next shirt will probably be a turndown collar... just for something different.
From their FAQ:"We also suggest a sport coat."
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