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I would love a dublin Townley with a more water-resistant sole -- but I'd rather not deprive the majority of their selected shoe. There will be other chances.Thanks, but don't worry about it.
I need a shoe that's good in the rain (so leather soles are out) and the Eagle County, while gorgeous, can't be had in AA widths. I'm bowing out. Thanks again watchidiot for putting this together. Good luck, all!
You might consider Saphir Light Brown per Hanger Project. Can't speak from personal experience, though.
I hear you, and as long as you've got some discipline it makes good sense! After following this thread for a few months back in 2012, I decided that #8 shell is my favorite everyday shoe material so I invested in it (rather than buying other stuff and then investing in it).There's one pair of Leeds in my size in the Shoe Bank, to be bought once they slide under $375 or so; then I'll have enough to be getting along with.The @Cold Iron school of shell care appeals to me...
What he said. If it isn't raining and I can be in jeans, my feet are usually wrapped in #8 shell. Highly recommended.
I was looking for a decent burgundy belt and ended up going with this from Gustin a few months ago. It doesn't work well for wear with worsted wool (...alliteration not intended) but looks fantastic with chinos and especially denim. Price has since been bumped up to $85 plus shipping on the latest run; still worth it.For dress use, I'm still holding out hope that someday I can steal a 34" #8 shell belt on eBay from a seller who doesn't know what he's got.
It has promise -- but not for me unless they cleaned up the lines and made it into a boot, like this with blind eyelets:I would cheerfully pay in the $550 range for a proper black suede/calf balmoral boot from Allen Edmonds.
My first thought. The Jomoc looks like it would be a fantastic do-anything shoe in a dark shell with a Dainite sole.
I voted for the Dublin Townley -- because the 222 last doesn't exist in AA widths, so I'm boned if we go with the EC. No worries, though; with feet like these, I'm used to it. All hail those responsible for making this happen. You men are saints.
Mine only get used every month or two, but I've never regretted buying black PAs.If you want something slightly less cliche, the Carlyle seems pretty nice; my next pair of dress shoes will be those MTO'd on dainite.
New Posts  All Forums: