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Tyrwhitt will have a couple in 38R, but they look to be two months out.
Welcome! If the fit won't work for you, return them. Coloration will change anyway with shell as the years go by -- it's part of their charm, as it were -- but never compromise fit.
Within view of my cube right now are two female colleagues in jeans, one of whom is wearing a t-shirt and the other a sweater. We're about 50/50 when it comes to tucking in shirts around here. A suit prompts questions about taking an interview somewhere else later in the day. Wearing a belt and laceup shoes on a regular basis puts me firmly in the minority.I've never worn balmorals outside of interviews and social occasions.IT is weird.
Yup. They're all rebranded Woodlore, which is owned by Allen Edmonds.
Just thought I'd bump this, since folks are getting in on the GMTO and recent shell sale: JAB trees are currently 3 for $25 with free shipping.
#8 shell Leeds just came off the back of the FedEx truck. I can fault neither fit nor finish; they're blobby but the AA width ameliorates that significantly, and they feel fine breaking in on the office carpet. Bonus: this pair has been on the seconds list for at least the last three years that I've been monitoring it, so they use the old-style burgundy finishing (cf Cold Iron's posts from a year or two ago) and have plenty of bloom to brush around. I'm going to like these...
Per discussion from a few pages back, I was quoted $125 (before the SF MTO program began and later ended).I bet it's worth a call to Allison. If you do, let us know; I'm in the same boat with regard to another model or two...
MTO dublin Bayfields with the full lugged sole from the Long Branch if it's going to stay under 3" or so, some Bean Cresta hikers if it's going to be a couple more inches than that, and if the apocalypse comes to DC (...February 2010) I break out a pair of Sorel Caribou boots my dad got me in the 90s.Preapplication of HDLP (on the Bayfieds and Sorels) and a good brushing when I get inside are essential.
Hah! Nope, never seen it. I had my pupils dilated during an exam years ago and snapped a photo. It's personal enough without being at all identifiable so I figure it makes a good avatar.
I posted that question last January in the Black Tie thread and got a few thoughts on the matter... but my budget never allowed for me to do anything about it before Grangaard's MTO door swung shut.I like the idea of shell formal shoes, but it seems oddly that the point of black tie footwear is its refinement and frailty. The cream of the crop tends to be easily-scuffed patent leather, Blake or glued construction for the thinnest possible sole, with even a quilted interior...
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