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Less than a day left on all items: A nice vintage 1940s-50s (approx) bespoke soft collar in an attractive beige shade. Circa size 16" (actually close to 16 1/4") for wear with a 15 1/2", possibly up to 16" collar tunic shirt. Includes pockets for bones/stays to present a crisp...
[Replying to Oli2012, who was querying the inclusion of a loafer in the list] I thought much the same but then again an Oxford brogue in tan or brown suede is about as casual as I get.
It's an attractive picture for the sartorial world it suggests; I do regret the decline of the hat.
Some very nice finds here gents, well done!
I am having a big clearout of my wardrobe, all vintage-focused items: A handsome pair of vintage Art Deco style imitation Pearl cufflinks in a delicately pearlescent Lucite or similar with correct metal shanked bar backs plus a nice patented "Made in England" cranked-neck collar stud with a...
Thanks, I enjoyed that!
A hat with a history - I like it!
Very nice! A full morning suit from a Savile Row tailor is quite a find. I had a Denman & Goddard suit once, it was a nice piece for a '60s production.
If matching would be an impossibility I would be inclined to suggest Dove grey, possibly with lapels to set it apart slightly.
You're welcome! Yes, I liked mine too.
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