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I'm a lurker and I'm posting my first picture, because of the "what's wrong with this forum thread". Like I said in that thread, this forum has become too much of a "brandforum" instead of "styleforum" so I'm shaking things up. I own only one "sf approved" item and that's clarks desert boots. I like minimalism, I have a very difficult body type to find clothes for(short, wide and muscular), so I'm hoping to shake things up and bring something fresh here.
I am a long time lurker and I'd like to make an observation. I think the main problem with this forum is that it has become "brandforum" instead of "styleforum" if you know what I mean.
That's what I do. I have few "uniforms" with slight variations that I split according to the weather. So for example cold weather: peacoat/topcoat, jeans, boots. Cool weather: sweater/cardigan, dark jeans,boots. Warm weather: polo/henley, light jeans, sneakers/boots.
Quote: Originally Posted by XenoX101 They look awful, almost two dimensional. That is also one of the nastiest stitching jobs I've seen. All the pictures on this forum look two dimensional.
Because of the weather I started wearing a scarf. I use the slip knot. Should I tuck the tail under my coat or leave it hanging on top?
Does anyone know if there's going to be a sale at H&M?
My boots arrived today. I got the gray ones from Regular price is 89.99 or something but I found a code for 10 dollars off, plus I got a discount for first purchase, so that brought it down to 67 dollars + free shipping. I want to thank everyone who said to order half a size down. They're prefect.
Quote: Originally Posted by Coldsnap How did those gel inserts work on the desert boots? To my surprise my Grey Suede arrived with black soles; it sorta ruins the look. I might return them and get some sand suede. I ordered the same ones, and I actually like the black sole much more. But then again, it might be because I tend do wear a lot of black.
Do you mean the hickey sale or the "no sneakers" thread ?
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