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oh. and i did tell the person who pm'd that someone is coming to pick this beer up. but i will let him know if this guy flakes out.
i dont check this styleforum very often. sorry. i did reply to the person who pm'd me. i am only around on weekends... so ideally some comes to pick it up, i meet them outside, etc... It is a ton of beer. And i am sure you could make a ton by reselling this beer. Asking $200 for all of it. Probably worth $800 or something. I would have sold all this on ebay, but they dont allow it anymore.
Yah. Just being honest with you guys, I used to collect beer. I just lost interest. Would prefer to clear this out of my closet, make room for other collections. Let me know. Only thing I am keeping is a case of Abyss 2012. My favorite beer.
Trying to lose some weight... so giving up beer drinking. Any of you NYC guys want some of my beer collection? I don't want this to violate some selling policy on Styleforum, so just send me a PM. I just want this stuff out of my beer closet (which is climate controlled). Hopefully I can make one of you nyc guys the envy of all your beer geek friends. Trust me... i will let this collection go for extremely cheap. or i could trade for things like brooks brothers gift...
Do not drink the Brux for a long time. I drank one last night and the brett hasn't done a thing as of yet.
Beer Pantry has a lot of it... but it is $27 WTF!!!!!! Not worth it.
Price drop... $149 including shipping CONUS $600 cheaper than retail
Price drop... $149 including shipping CONUS
If any of you NYC guys see Founders Imperial Stout or Double Trouble around town... please let me know. I know that they have Ballast Point Victory at Sea porter at a few of the Whole Foods around town. And they have the new bottles of Lagunitas sucks. The 6 pack looks different but bottle label is the same.
Drinking a 10 day old bottle of Lagunitas Sucks. I haven't had Pliny the Elder in about 6 months - but Lagunitas Sucks at $2 per bottle is much better than the $8 per bottle I paid for Pliny the Elder (including shipping). I would take the Lagunitas Sucks every single time. If they were the same price and availability... I would chose Pliny the Elder. But Lagunitas Sucks is the best IPA I have had in the past 6 months. I like it better than Flower Power or Furious or...
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