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Claghorn, your post got me thinking. When I made the listing, I did not have any specific criteria on what goes up there except for one: seemingly ability to provide a product or service in line with what would be considered classic menswear of generally good taste. Which I readily admit is a rather loose criteria. Your insight on Spolverino is important. On the other hand, information about the company's products or services or practices or business models or pricing may...
Eleganza Uomo does fully canvassed and "half-canvassed" (i.e. only at chest) so do specify if you want fully canvassed suits. http://www.chinaeconomicreview.com/node/25459 Also I suggest making your suits only if Raymond Kiang is in the shop.
Thanks CaptainMiguel for contributing to this thread. I have a couple of JCrew Slim Fit XS. The sleeve lengths need to be shortened but I can live with the shirt length by tucking in. The quality of fabric and the sewing are pretty good. The Regular and Tailored Fits are still too baggy for me.
Here is a listing of South Korea's tailoring and classic menswear shops I compiled over at thekerbau.com. This is as up to date as it can be. Would not pretend that I know much about any of the shops i.e. several of them have no English reviews so do your own appraisals before spending money. Let me know if a particular place deserves to be included in this listing or if information requires updating. Have a great weekend!
Address of Oxford Tailor China Square Central - Nankin Row, 3 Pickering Street, (S)048660
Eleganza Uomo will be cheaper than Chan. Just a warning about ordering shirts and trousers from Eleganza Uomo. I typically choose the house fabrics. On my fourth visit (in late 2011 or early 2012?), the staff was not honest with the pricing and quoted me a higher figure, of which I should had refused. Of the last batch of 3 shirts I ordered, one came back so small that I was not able to fit in.Which is rather odd, since I knew that they preshrunk the fabrics. Did not...
Updated link to Saion http://shoemaking.blog113.fc2.com/
Some pictures of the brochure
Apologies to drag a 7-year old thread up. While walking along Ginza, I came upon this shop called Madras (http://www.madras.co.jp/) not listed on http://centipede.web.fc2.com/. Not sure whether it is because of oversight or because the centipede webpage is no longer maintained since 2009. Madras has history dating back to 1921. Beautiful shopfront. It has an interesting way of ordering bespoke shoes under a program what it calls "Madras Order Shoes System"...
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