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It's indeed from the Loro Piana Cashmere Cloud book . Someone noted it in this linkhttp://regentbespoke.tumblr.com/post/82769217308/cashmere-cloud-in-loro-piana-great-soft
@BespokeKiwi the individual items are workable but a combo of what you posted will simply be terrible I'd rock those ties with casual suits (Blue, tan, white or green cotton suits ) and loafers all day. I have something against contrast collared shirts and this is just personal preference and I'm not condemning them,
I see the floral tie on the left working with this guy's summer ensemble
All these talk on average fits, feedback and no naming and shaming!
Got a staple navy blazer so shelving my custom blazer project
Our friend that is AWOL seeks your opinion on these two tiesOh he also kopped these: [[SPOILER]] Help him
@emptym would love to see you do a luxire head to toe fit someday.
Unfortunately, it's true. He needs to go get drunk everyday for a week so his wife knows SF alternatives can be worse.
Would like to see swatch pics or made up pic of the Soft Indigo ChambrayAnybody? [[SPOILER]]
SOTD Serge Lutens Chergui
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