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Oh really! [[SPOILER]] I just feel white bucks will look better. I don't even own one but I have two tassle loafers.
I really like AAS's fit a lot but don't think tassle loafers would've beeen the best option. I'd like to see the fit in white bucks and I know he can pull it off. [[SPOILER]] Panama hat will also be a good added bonus.
Don't really like responding to posts like this but you are comparing apples and oranges. Wider torso, different cuts etc.A lot of Savile row tailors cut a wide skirt. I guess they are bad bespoke or just a different cut?
I see a lime green one in your future it will be plain so no problem there! ThanksThanks manAwww. Thanks manThanks man. Wanted to dial back the colors to make @spectre happy. The suit is custom.Thanks Noodles
Minimal color palette today. Took a whole lot of restraint not to pick a color or pattern, I even almost wore black oxfords but I had to make the look mine so i ditched the oxfords for suede dob monks
Think you are mixing up prices. Those look more like napoli su misura prices@comrade. They probably just copy Italian text in Google translate and paste the result
@Coxsackie I really really like that jacket. It speaks to me.Already told you how I feel about the "CBDness" of pinstripes/chalkstripes and Nick not easy to emulate. Anyways this guy did a decent job with the look you were shooting for. I'd wear chocolate suede shoes if i were him though [[SPOILER]]
Thanks man but my inspiration is right behind me. The vegetation@SeaJen Thanks!
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