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Anubis by Papillon Artisan Perfumes. This reminds me of an Amouage scent but still trying to figure it out
Oh yeah?
@Pliny Looks like something you already have. So it will be versatile, but that's more like GNAT conversation
Tweedy, a tie doesn't make you feel warm or cold. That's the job of a coat. Lol
Why would shantung be better besides tradition/convention? If you look at this just based on aesthetics they both play a similar role i.e. adding texture. Nothing really functionalLooks like Claghorn and I are in the same boat here. a nice rule to break
Mixing seasonal items. The purists hate it but really, how bad is it? FYI, I like these
Don, great job keeping this thread going.
Based on what I have observed from your style. I really don't see you wearing anything bold
Just a personal quirk of mine. I feel overtly dressed up when I show cuffs, no sound reasoning behind it, and it's one less thing to fidget with especially when my shirt cuff hides behind my watch (Panerai). With suits, it's different and I tend to wear something flat.Like I said, just my own idiosyncrasy.
Green not navyLet's focus on the ties in context people. You guys can't help it, I know
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