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ThisSuSu was recommended over Formosa by several members but Noodles wasn't having any of it.
They are okay shoes and that's about it. Not worth the hype or forgoing 2-3 pairs of camina over. The one I simply don't understand is the Vass norweger split toe, they are just butt ugly.For suede vs pebble. Suede is meant to be rustic and the conspicuous stitching adds to the charm
Suede is awesome"r". I've been looking for something like that though so I need the deets
Polo just cause suede is awesome. Deets?
Pants not recommended for the older men in flomax commercials
My own take on tan shoes. Suits - they must be light colored suits; tan, light grey, white, taupe etc. Odd jackets - either very light colored pants or a northern lights fit. I don't believe using a similar color value tie is sufficient to balance the stark contrast tan shoes provide in a dark ensemble. But like everything there will be exceptions Both Lucianos suffer from not closely adhering to Sander's principle. Ties need to be darker
Pino Luciano's take on Sander's principle
I think you should give unstructured Neapolitan/inspired RTW jackets a try. They have enough room in the sleeves which you need, the shoulders are totally unpadded (the shoulder line in your tan jacket is lumpy probably due to sizing up) and they are short jackets with unfinished sleeves so sizing up shouldn't affect the jacket length on you.These design elements in theory would work better for your physique.TagliatoreBoglioliLBM/Luigi...
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