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This is a lesson for those that claim that grey jackets aren't versatile. Buy a textured and heavily patterned grey jacket and in theory it is even more versatile than navy since you can wear it with like colors. I have never seen someone wear a navy jacket on blue pants that looked good. Grey on the other handOne more grey on grey example [[SPOILER]]
Lmao. Hilarious You see a lot of expensive wardrobes sold on ebay for cheap after the guy is gone
ThisAlso, you went aggressive with waist suppression
With you
This is badass
The suit jacket grey pants combo is okay in my books. Wear without care
In my next life, I'd stick to navy blazers and mid grey slacks. Now where can I find the slate blue wool-linen fabric???
Suggesting that suede shoes are overdone is simply heretic. They just play so well with many outfits providing that additional rustic touch to dress some fits down.
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Looks ridiculous IMO. If you like high button placement then just go for a hard 3 with the normal stance. I prefer the last button to align with the top of the side pockets ymmv
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