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SOTD Histoires De Parfums Ambre 114
Jacket is too short and way too pinched in the waist. Looks like an equestrian jacket for women. The proportions are just too extreme for CM or CW even considering your androgynous leanings.
Dress for the real world - Ancient Chinese proverb
+1SOTD By Kilian Amber Oud
@7_rocket Nice collars. I'd suggest a lil reduction in tie space.
Looks like suitsupply from the way the lapels are cut.
I was 170lbs@33Good times
You can do it. I was at 185lbs 3 weeks ago after a trip to Lagos now I am down to 180lbs and I haven't even been going to the gym all that much. Just reduce your portions or fast after that big meal and get your fibers in. Work out whenever you can and don't kill yourself
What's your current weight?
@The Noodles if you won't be rocking your Formosas then just shop at suitsupply
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