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Just imagine if the shoes were brown. At least with blue tonal look you balance it out with brown or black shoes.
this is what I was alluding to a few pages back with northern lights
Shazam is a good app to ID music.I listen to pretty much anything apart from country music. Pandora is my app of choice. Gave up on my 14k plus mp3 collection when it became unmanageable
Noodle's thread isn't in dispute as far as I know. The name is cemented and 10 years from now, new users should be talking about the Noodle legend; the man and his grey fresco Formosa suit.
Remove grad from the title and it's good. The Lounge No need to geekify the title
Nobody is changing the name of Noodle's thread.Discussion was/is about " the Grad lounge"
Do it. The thread is yours, it's just a place for me to play with pics.
I have the exact opposite reaction. The gorge height is perfect for choc with his height. Looks great on him IMOThis is one of those circumstance where one size doesn't fit all. High gorge is the in thing but it will look ridiculous on a 6ft 9 inch man.
This is not about your thread. You own this one for life.
Deeper dive into CM?Random style thoughts?CM for nerds and junkies?
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