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This shirt collar is the way forward. Dont look back!
Love it @Mr. Six. Wish the tie was a little wider
I don't see nothing wrong with a little matchymatchy - R Kelly The first fit is way better than the second and the use of a solid tie with texture is the best choice IMO. In this case it's either matchymatchy with tie and PS or no PS at all. The trick to a successful matchiness is to introduce a bit of patterns in the second accessory.
The three (Noodles, Isolation, RTC) of them need to get in a MMA cage and beat each other up. My money is on RTC though.
If you didn't read too much into what Foo said about purple, it won't even be something up for consideration.
The level of PC is getting out of line but its always better to focus on clothing.
The rust suede on the rider boot website is very tempting
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