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Sartoria Formosa does it again!Nice ensemble @jungleroller. Your best IMO. Good stuff
You don't need it then. But it is awesome!!!!
She's been browsing SF
I like the look a lot but something in me wants to change the color of the tie.Darker? Lighter? Dunno really [[SPOILER]]
^Potent stuff. I hardly use mine but Sand Aoud gets all the love.
Yup.Love that suit man. Deets?Vox also rocking gingham and suit today. First time seeing it with a bow tie. Not feeling his square though.http://www.voxsartoria.com/post/93412733073/the-bow-tie-crowd-thursday-full-of-meetings@jungleroller focus on the shirt and suit
But of course and that is why most of us need guidelines or caution to avoid train wrecks while trying to mimic what we see online.
My tumblr reflects stuff I like and there are tons of fits with suits and ginghams in there. I can't say I like it on some Italian dude and then not like it on SF.I like these a lot [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]]
I really like this combo but you need better pictures man. You put up good fits but your pics suck 100% of the time.PS: I am not against Ginghams (big or small) with suits. A lot of guys here do it well with a great deal of success.
That's not the issue. When you call out some names as examples of guys that live the white-shirts-only-for-formalcity-wear rule then it is very appropriate to show examples when it is not the case.I am a big fan of execution over everything, which I have mentioned several times. It is either something looks good or it doesn't. Rules or guidelines are useful for people that don't know what they are doing.
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