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superhuman sartorial skills
Unexplained Best Suit fit: PCK1, Patrick R (brand whore alert - Liverano and Despos) Unexplained Best Odd jacket fit: An Acute Style (I don't know how you made check on check look good but hey it's you) Notable mention: SeaJen's play on tonal contrast Notable mention 2: Braddock's accessories and that collar roll Notable Mention 3: Cleav and Crusty taking it offline Notable Mention 4: Cleav appearing 3 times!!! The man is a beast!
Dark flannel is my first choice when wearing this jacket but one needs to mix things up. WRT washing out I feel olive and light brown are quite close but distinct enough in appearance and you have to also relate contrast with the skin tone of the wearer. If you wore this color combo it will look way off and I'd call the contrast police on you but dark skinned folks can get away with it due to their God given natural contrast.Thanks for the thumbs everyone. In a decade the...
You like it soft then? I know it's not to everyone's taste but I have been holding on to this for a while and not letting go. @Claghorn Sping? Orange is more fall to me.
Sometimes cloths just won't cooperate (apologies for the runaway collar and shy square) but I love the fit and I have to represent for the hard 3 button jacket wearers in the name of Diversity!
I mostly avoid RTW coz of the same issue. I have to size up to get the hip measurement right and take the waist in.
SOTD Nasomatto Black Afgano
This trousers was made by luxire and it's decent without braces. I gave them the following measurementsWaist Size: 17.25 - Half Hip Measurement: 23.00 - Hip Measurement Front: 21.25 - Pant Length: 40.25 - Inseam Measurement: 30.75 - Front Rise: 10.75 - Back Rise: 16.50 - Thigh Measurement (2 inch Below Crotch): 13.00 - Knee Measurement: 9.25 - Bottom / Ankle Opening: 8.25 - Custom [[SPOILER]]
@DonRaphael the question you are asking simply depends on your body type; from your height, girth of your waist, thickness of your thighs and calves down to your shoe size. If I remember correctly, Vox posted a pic in his cycling gear and he has real huge thighs which requires more fullness in the thighs. The pics you posted indicates more tapering between the knees to the ankle, so if that is what you are after then i'd suggest adding between 1 to 1.5 inches to your leg...
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