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You need mid brown suede shoes to go with your odd jackets, styling is up to you but I'd skip loafers if I were you. Not sure it works with your personal style as observed.
How about this one in cognac from nomanwalksalone?http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/antique-cognac-budapester-oxford-wingtip-3792.htmlI miss Vox and Gdl's subjective curation too, the fits reflected their unique tastes which I hold in high regards.I have a lot of non-SF approved fit pics that didn't make it here and are objectively bad.
I beg to differ evidence based on the number of your fits reblogged on my tumblr They are Doucal's. an Italian brand. I think Panta carries some nice shoes with similar styling
Thanks! No idea what the mill is but, It's a Wool, Mohair, Cashmere blend.
Awww. Where is the wedding registry?
SOTD Nasomatto Black Agfano
You have a black or navy knit tie from the knottery right? Try that.You can also try Forest Green or Burgundy textured tie. Chocolate if you are not scared of matchy matchyFor pants I'd go for darker grey or darker brown.
@VictorSFreturn I like your taste in fragrances. We have a similar collection thus far
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