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Really want that tie. Deets please?
He doesn't need anything tapered. It'll emphasize the drop between his hips and thighs. Loose and straight is where it's at like some of Don's pants
Great advice, where people have been telling him to taper his pants. They need to be loose not to emphasize his hips
True. Grey and white; white and grey. Texture here, no texture there. Done dressing up and it does look good.
Just coz Paisley
Pic 2. Lovely jacket but shirt and tie combo not really nice, patterns are too close. Would have preferred bolder patterns on the tie
An important part of dressing up is self awareness. Knowing what you can reasonably pull off
More Maomao BD with suit More steeze I like the way he skirts the conventions. Looks like someone that enjoys his cloths
Oh forgot about that thread.
Being a visual learner I got more from the depth of Maomao's personal style. Manton and Vox wrote good stuff but I didn't really relate to their personal style as much. Foo just entertained and solidified the usefulness of light blue shirts and cream based squares.
New Posts  All Forums: