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I actually like my suits longer in length like what @The Noodles posted so it fully covers what I'm carrying behind, but not to confuse you just exchange for a 50R.
Appreciated. Deets on pants?That's a lovely fabric
The pic is as useful as those that post partial head shots.
New Panta DB suit sounds like it's worth the wait. Don't encourage the attitude of always showing new stuff the fun is making old stuff look good.
So what happened to all your Formosas and Pantas? You've not posted a suit or coat pic in a long time.
SOTD Mancera Sand Aoud Expecting a bottle of Creed Royal Oud in the mail. Took a while to warm up to it since it's like a tamer version of Gucci I (Cedar beast) which I didn't stock up on
Great changes overall. Shows that you are receptive to our suggestions....Now add a 3rd button so we have a 3 roll 2
Just an example so Academic2 can make a decision. I only like birdseye in navy, think i mentioned that in the grad lounge but it's just my preference nothing wrong with it in other colors.
How about an example http://baroniprive.com/baroni/year-round/suits/birdseye
@An Acute Style a chocolate brown wool or cashmere tie would lift that fit higher. But this is coming from someone who isn't that skilled with patterns so take it with whatever measure of salt.
New Posts  All Forums: