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Not a serious comment by any means and totally tongue in cheek. David Vs. Goliath and Goliath's cousin. We know the winner
EFV, Butler and Anden Vs. Australia Vs. The rest of the world That's a fair fight.
The one you posted isn't plain, that's why it doesn't look as good. Digging into my tumblr to show you examplesExample. Navy or charcoal tie. I can't tell [[SPOILER]] Navy tie [[SPOILER]]
Pink shirt challenge would be really nice.
Another good option is plain navy grenadine or knit. I'd even play with a heavily textured dark grey or charcoal tie.
@EliodA has done a great job indeed and let's not forget @DonCologne
Doing a Michael Jackson routine later at work? You know, moonwalking in your white socks....
I'm sure they are all in exotic hides.The corthay arca is way too sleek for me. I don't see myself pulling it off in any way imaginable.
Fantastic batch and arguably one of the best thus far (odd jackets getting good representation). Unexplained best fit (suit) - 2-way tie for first ( Chocsosa and EliodA) Unexplained best fit (odd jacket) - 2-way tie for first (EFV and Betelgeuse) Notable mention - Organic fit. It's 2014 after all and only #menswear geeks wear ties (Sansimeon) Out of SF box - Sanders pink shirt and green tie combo
Sultan of Brunei He pays the bills. Thanks man.
New Posts  All Forums: