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My surgeon is the bestThat's what I believe too but spectre thinks we don't get it for some reason
One of the best challenges thus far. Voted for 12 people. Shen deserves way more votes!
People get the concept.Example from my wardrobe. No lining except sleeves, no canvas and no fusing: [[SPOILER]] The jacket I am wearing today is also unlined and barely structured (just canvas in the lapel). [[SPOILER]]
I can understand. Original Vetiver is very nice, one of the few Creeds I really like. I get my Vetiver fix from Encre Noire.
You don't like Penhaligons Sartorial too?
Hmmm. I have a lot of unstructured jackets too and they don't appear sack-like. OK never mind...Very nice fits guys.
It's not about the shoulder expression (I also prefer soft shoulders especially for odd jackets), it's more about the fit of the jacket. It really doesn't have much shape and of course this could all just be a bad picture as you alluded.
Cary Grant would be very upset with this fit and the later one.
I read it and understand the context but shirt too matchy with jacket. No tie, no square, shirt not tucked etc etc. [[SPOILER]]
Unexplained best fit (suit) - Sanders Unexplained best fit (odd jacket) - Gerry Nelson Notable mention: In stitches. WTF! Donald Duck! Real notable mention: Pliny 1. Solid ensemble and particularly great tie.
New Posts  All Forums: