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We don't know the camp you belong to with no fit pic PS: I have not read a single style book in my life
SOTD Le labo rose 31. The fragrance that got me interested in niche scents.
@jrd617 Gun checks [[SPOILER]] Takes1. A lot of people eschew the normal grey flannel pants2. White shirts work well. Blank canvas?3. Plain tie is more common but check the grad thread for more options
That just looks like crap and a waste of good individual pieces.
I am an advocate of spending according to your means and priorities but I find it absurd for members to to ask how another member is able to afford whatever purchase he indulges in. It's a different matter if information is shared voluntarily. Prying into people's finances and buying habits is just crossing the line IMO unless they reach out for help then you refer them to a therapist or they join the no purchase club.
I thought this forum is about style particularly MC or CM or whatever it's called. Why are people interested in other members personal lives and finances? How does that help anybody dress better? @JIMB pass on all of them.
Fight the covetousness with a monthly budget and discipline. But keep posting, your insights and fits are helpful to a lot of people.
Unexplained Best Suit fit: NickPollica, Bradock 1 Unexplained Best Odd jacket fit: chocsosa and Claghorn Notable mention: Cotton Dockers' jacket (drool worthy. Deets please?) Notable mention 2: EliodA Bond from Jakarta with love FFA (Finally Fucking or Fucking Finally) Award: Newcomer
I blame the selfie culture.
You suck @fashun if you don't like tieless BDs.
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