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You will surely be skipped in an owambe
Now why are you judging me? I am very open minded when it comes to style. In fact my last fit was kinda influenced by you.This was my response to your picsNever been to Naples and I know nothing about the city apart from some guy on my tumblr that has all these historical neapolitan fits which I appreciate for what they are. Now you say people are trying too hard, then give them suggestions so they don't come across as trying too hard. For me, bold colors is part of my...
Context as you pointed out cultural background? Jobs? Moods? Purpose?If you really have anything constructive to say about Bradock's fit then offer suggestions rather than bemoaning state of the forum not being to your liking/standard (nobody dresses like Cary Grant ).It will also be beneficial if you post more fits.
The issue with your criticism thus far is it's directed to the forum in general and that's neither here nor there. Nothing constructive.
Oh my, those are ugly in a good way. I can see it working with Jeans, Chinos and of course in rough weather.
Just placed my first order with Henry Carter. Black "Bambino" Grenadine 7 Fold
Perhaps you should have used Luxire's instructions since you are making the pants with them and not Epaulet.http://custom.luxire.com/pages/pant-measurements
Oh really! [[SPOILER]] I just feel white bucks will look better. I don't even own one but I have two tassle loafers.
I really like AAS's fit a lot but don't think tassle loafers would've beeen the best option. I'd like to see the fit in white bucks and I know he can pull it off. [[SPOILER]] Panama hat will also be a good added bonus.
Don't really like responding to posts like this but you are comparing apples and oranges. Wider torso, different cuts etc.A lot of Savile row tailors cut a wide skirt. I guess they are bad bespoke or just a different cut?
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