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The rust suede on the rider boot website is very tempting
A curved approach will be better then, 30 around winter/fall/spring when we have more decent fits and 20 in the summer. Exceptions will be made for our brothers south of the equator
Changing the threshold doesn't do much, still a popularity contest of some sort. Pointing out fits that could be improved by the curators or by anybody would be a better learning experience
Magnum XXL lapels
Gunclub jackets are so attractive but notoriously difficult to pair with accessories, speaking strictly from my experience. For ties, I prefer matching the darkest color and from your examples I'd try a dark shade of brown either solid or a striped tie. I think forst green ties would work too. PS are tricky, but I agree the oatmeal is too dull and same would apply for plain cream silk. Maybe try a color that pops. A green or rust/orange based PS should work with all the...
O'rly?On another those Rubinacci victory squares would work. They have enough white/cream base to make them less of a distraction
^None. Pocket squares are a distraction with business suits and overrated. Simple white linen works most of the time and no PS works all the time. My new philosophy subject to change
Saks #1 is okay with alterations. Return the rest
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