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20+,30+,40+,50+, it doesn't matter. People are dressing better and anybody is free to criticize entries that they feel is not deserving. @Clags, What happened to the curated thread anyways?
Wearing Dior Homme today
Don't stop posting your loud ties. You have fans.
That's exactly my next project
Old post but the pics should answer your question
Enjoyed reading this thread back in the day and I am falling in love with the Roman cut Roman style by Sartoria Giovanni Celentano
Finally, a casual Friday challenge. In.
Women need high fashion and very disposable clothing. Thank God for Zara and H&M! Bags, jewelry and to some extent shoes on the other hand....:-(
SOTD Pal Zileri Viaggio D'Africa, Hermessence Vetiver Tonka without the $$$
Yes it's the Panta guy. His stuff looks amazing on stitches but I'll give propersuit a try though. Just make sure you get sizable lapels with an attitude and soft shoulders, I think you can carry that look.
New Posts  All Forums: