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@AJL I remember the first time you posted that jacket, you had no issues with the length until I raised it, so this may be all my fault and I have tried to convince you that it's well within the acceptable length for odd jackets. Just follow your initial gut instincts and wear the jacket.
but it will turn to Thanks manThanks man. I just left it out thinking it may be a bit too much. It's made of a mix of leather and rubber.
Cary Grant here to redeem the Duke And Louis Armstrong is disappointed that some people even think it's an issue And we also have this guy
#3 is best choice but @Pliny why are you getting a different version of the same jacket? Go bold for once #YOLO
I've seen this movie before and Noodles didn't get the flannel suit. Let me assist you with your decision matrix even though we know exactly what you'll end up getting Flannel suit Pros - Immediate versatility to your style and wardrobe Pros - Immediate availability. Overnight express mail Pros - Discounted purchase Cons - Limited use year round Cons - Casual suit Birdseye suit Pros - Must own suit with a fantastic weave Pros - NWT Cons - Just another navy suit with...
It looks better with belts on and will look better with suspenders. From my layman's eyes, it looks like your body will be hard to fit by any tailor so I won't recommend just jumping tailors since bespoke fit improves with time, but I would advice you suspend all future commissions till you've educated yourself on proper pant fit and use that knowledge to guide your tailor. Phat Guildo and other hong kong SFers did the same thing and got good results.Fix the diaper issue,...
Unexplained best fit (suit) - JasonMarshallJazz Unexplained best fit (odd jacket) - ctp120 Notable mention - Braddock 2 and Upr_crust (Awesome suits but Jason Marshall was just slightly better) Notable mention 2 - Only one SF Uniform and Zero Plain Navy or Grey suit!!!
It's indeed from the Loro Piana Cashmere Cloud book . Someone noted it in this linkhttp://regentbespoke.tumblr.com/post/82769217308/cashmere-cloud-in-loro-piana-great-soft
@BespokeKiwi the individual items are workable but a combo of what you posted will simply be terrible I'd rock those ties with casual suits (Blue, tan, white or green cotton suits ) and loafers all day. I have something against contrast collared shirts and this is just personal preference and I'm not condemning them,
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