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I prefer the 7 day portuguese with in house movement Or the sterile dial kent wang
@EFV love love that top fit
Using that same compound interest, that tiny amount you are putting away as a medical student its effect over time may be equivalent to the big amount you will have to catch up with. But hope we aren't talking about very tiny monthly amounts though. Moral of the story is to invest as early and as often as possible.
Try the tie with a navy or charcoal suit. This ensemble is better than the one with the odd jacket but I think the tie will work better with a darker suit.
@TweedyProf successful pairing of a gun club jacket with a striped tie that isn't block stripe.
Light blue jackets are easy to wear. Like EliodA's suggestion, just wear them with patterned shirts that have a predominantly white background. I rock mine with thick striped shirts; Bengal stripes, candy stripes etc. And theoretically for solids, white and pale pink shirts should work. Another good patterned option are large graph checks.One caveat though, you have to have to be comfortable with a bold style, otherwise just avoid light blue odd jackets. [[SPOILER]]
You've been firing on all cylinders lately. Nice look
Great stuff guys.
Dang! Beautiful jacket. Not remotely close to my size.
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