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I like the look. It's just a little weird seeing it on Pliny who is more adherent to rules and traditions.
That's how you do it Keep it coming @Synthese you are allowed to emulate his facial hair
Really really nice. Post it in the challenge thread and then get a stranger to take a clearer pic Roycru style
Beauty of a grey suit. Black and brown look equally good depending on what you put together
Real tools
Don't be defeatist. While EFV is an MC casual god you can beat him with your FU jacket, tan linen pants and crisp white shirt. Who knows if you'll get inspired and decide to try OCBDs rather than buying your 17th brown neat tie More inspiration, this time from Voxhttps://instagram.com/p/1okQ3CoQVy/?taken-by=voxsartoria
Would be nice to get SWD flair in our Friday challenge FRIDAY CHALLENGE: CREATIVE BUSINESS CASUAL
Yessssssssssss!!! I know this right up your alley. Let's see those NSM and Eidos jackets!!!@Braddock this is perfect for the Friday challenge. Post it herehttp://www.styleforum.net/t/502878/friday-challenge-creative-business-casual
Going to sleep (been a long day). If someone surpasses my votes then. Sorry
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