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We post pictures for validation and feedback, for all other purposes you have a mirror.
I'm in @ $300
Lol. That's just like Lagos. @Academic2 I prefer chalkstripes and I personally won't consider any stripes with less than 0.5 inches spacing.
Anyone wants to set one up for November? Caved some more: - 3.5 meters fresco from huddersfield cloth. Price was too hard to resist. - Funded light grey pants - New chukkas Sigh
Mid-week business casual with horrendous hotel room lighting. Spoiler-ed for absolutely terrible pic quality [[SPOILER]]
Ha! that explains why I like your fits
I was only teasing Noodles and Esquire is nuts. I'd take a nice car any day if I have to wear jcrew
And you wear a 2K suit!!! That doesn't compute!
Unexplained best fit (suit) - Cleav, Timo Unexplained best fit (odd jacket) - Anden, Adolesco Notable mention - Adolesco wearing a grey odd jacket well. Notable mention 2 - EliodA's IWC aquatimer @Anden good observation. Lots of vests in this batch
SOTD Mancera Sand Aoud
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