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@akoustas lighter colored Ginghams are more versatile. Light pink and light blue ginghams (both small and large checks) play well with a lot of ties. Check out @EliodA's fit for the friday challenge and the guys below:Ethan Desu [[SPOILER]] Stylish Japanese man [[SPOILER]]
Really digging this fit @Cleav
This is what I specifiedCollar:3.5 inch collar point5.5 inch spread distance1 5/8" front collar band height, 1 13/16" rear collar band height, 2" rear collar heightMedium Fused CollarFused Collar bandShirring:Add very subtle shirring to the shoulders like the one in the pic below. Make the shirring very flat and subtle.http://i22.photobucket.com/albums/b328/mafoofan/mfanblog/matuozzoshirt/shirring1.jpg
I gave my purple gingham shirt away. I don't think it will look good with a purple tie and a green tie will be outside your comfort zone. Just wear it with chinos and suede loafers. Roll the sleeves.
Looks good. A darker navy tie will make it next level...
In gym pants at the moment. Maybe later this weekend. scratch that...Pants [[SPOILER]] New shirt [[SPOILER]] Shirring [[SPOILER]]
Hope someone figures out this pleat issue. I asked for one inch depth for the pleats and also increased the thigh measurement. It helped but the issue isn't fully mitigated and it doesn't help that I ordered a corduroy fabric since I can't really tell if what I am seeing after the changes is due to the thickness of the fabric or if the issue will be less apparent with a thinner fabric.
@Isolation the almost horizontal gorge line is fine, don't mess with it and I like the width of the lapels. I think they factor the design of the lapel when cutting the pattern not sure it can be easily changed. Roping looks good too. How about the pants?
Unexplained best fit (suit) - Cleav 2 Unexplained best fit (odd jacket) - Anden, AAS Notable mention - Bytor13 for his fit and genuine smile Notable mention 2 - Gerry Nelson's green suit. Ballsy!
Give all your money to Panta. His stuff looks great on you.
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