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4.25 inch lapel is pretty normal sized for a US42R in my experience and it's far from wide.
I like a well fitting suit and double monks. Do you?
Construction works for me, what I'd like is a slight increase in rise of the wool pants and relevant fabric choices. For example winter selection consisting of Mid-grey flannel, Donegal , Flannel Twill, Herringbone flannel, Houndstooth flannel and summer selection of mostly tropical worsted wool, Linen, Nailhead, Fresco
I like the value Spier and M present so naturally their pants spoke to me. I especially like the fabric and the cut of the slim fit camel flannel pants and at $55 it is worth any risk (that is less than half the price of some ties with shipping included). Construction is decent but I have a quite a rotation of pants so it's going to take me abusing those pants before I run into any major issue.
@TweedyProf i'd prefer you cuff those pants. It'll look better even with personal preference aside. Just not feeling it as-is.
Get rid of the obviously bad ones 18. 19 and 20 and never wear the pointy ones with odd jackets. Replace the shoelace of 26 and don't wear 10 with any jacket (odd or suit) You can work with the rest. No need to buy more and buying shouldn't be the only way out as much as it is often recommended here. Learn to make good use of what you own.
I see you got some new Panta goodies Thanks manThanks MurlGreat fit. Thanks man
This was from yesterday #nushooz
For a grey odd jacket, I don't think Murlsquirl's first jacket is textured enough for me. Since I already own 2 grey odd jackets I'll just throw out the options I like:1. Bold Plaid in flannel (own)2. Grey Flannel with a window pane pattern (own)3. Herringbone flannel like EliodA'sI'll probably pick buy herringbone at some point.
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