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Thanks for your vote
I like Foo's style but that's a miss I have an example that's just wishy washy at best
^That is a better distinction
You like?
I don't wear a suit to work everyday, just when it is absolutely necessary. Casual to me is no tie but I post in both threads anyway, no serious reason as to where I post though.
Look at the angle of the shoulder seam(?) on the fresco (left side). It is almost vertical while the plaid has a lot of angle. I saw that in his earlier pics and that is when I suspected the shoulder measurements weren't the same with his older suits.
The case of the Phantom pear. Relax, you confirmed the measurements are not the same. Enjoy your suits
Looks like @EFV aka biz casual guru is going to do it again with his insurmountable lead. Thanks to all the participants, it was an interesting and fun challenge. Next challenge idea...DTO or improve on a Pitti look? Black tie? Sketches? All patterned look? Low contrast shirt and tie look?
New Posts  All Forums: