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What's wrong with folding arms in a pic? Almost every regular poster here does it.
You and I almost the same.I envy friends that started early though.
Kops reduces and then resumes.
Unexplained best look (suit) - Cleav Unexplained best look (odd jacket) - EFV Notable mention - Coxsackie for doing what he was doing. Best Tie: Can't pick one. too many good ones Basically mirrored what EliodA wrote above
I also prefer full length pics so one gets a good idea of the fit unlike the pajamas bottom suit jacket up pics that is popular here.WRT Oxxfords. Some of the best suits I have tried on in stores are Oxxfords 1220 and Type A. Fantastic suits IMO. Some pics in the linkhttp://www.styleforum.net/t/105041/oxxford-clothes-spring-look
I really don't see anything wrong with the suit IMO. It is structured and has nice waist suppression and the pants are tapered enough IMO. Different opinions makes the forum interesting though...
The quarters on you seems about what you see on Liveranos
What about the quarters? Will they be very open or more like the last suit you posted.
3 piece option is very clever. The vest reduces the visual effect of the very open quarters.
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