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Quote: too much folds on back because it is a super 150 fabrics... ridiculious? Too tight.
Quote: you see you can see fit as you say it does not look big. I said it DOES look big, not it does not look big.
From the back it does look too big.
Do not ask me about the fit, I cannot tell from a photo. Oxbridge is the union of Oxford and Cambridge Universities, and they give you striped ties (also know as a colligate tie, as may wducation institutions also give striped ties) like the one you are wearing in that picture. In England, people think that anyone who wears a colligate tie is mad, and obsessed with their education background.
That one seems to fit you fine, but do not forget a photo does not show that much it terms of fit. On another note, are you an Oxbridge Union member
Again I have made an error, upon further research, I have found that Green Label is a 'vatted whiskys' and not a single malt, sorry guys.
The fit looks acceptable from the pictures.
Quote: Quote: Originally Posted by kalra2411,22 July 2004, 1:38 Huntsman in particular, but anyone, what are some grain whiskies (scotch), as I do not really know of any, perhaps if I hear the name I will know, but I don't know of any specifically as grain as opposed to malt. I think Cutty Sark is known as one of the blends with the highest grain (wheat) to malt proportion. Virtually all Canadian whiskies are made exclusively from...
Quote: Only number 3 works.  Nice Tie. Also maybe the glasses and the blue underwear from 4. Also time for a hair cut (or at least a set) JJF Yea, get a haircut you hippy (or hippie, I am unsure of the spelling)
You cannot really see the fit on the chest that well from the pictures. The sleeves are a little long on the first one. If you are asking about the suit and not the fit, then the first one looks good, the second one, IT DOES NOT MATCH, the last two also look good.
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