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What I meant by chucks was: Thanks for the suggestion re: skater loafers. I have some trying-on to do...
Thanks. Difficult to find lace, black, suede shoes. Anybody have thoughts on which color in a suede looks best with dark navy jeans? Grey, maybe?
I feel like my business suit shoes are a bit too dressy for the weekend outfit. The more smart casual look I'm referring to might not be a dress shirt... could be a plain shirt and jacket or something like that. Regardless, definitely more casual than my usual suit. I tried the whole chucks thing... meh. Looks too skater/teenager. I'm 31, for reference. Any ideas? I kind of like the suede look. I've seen what looks like Clarks. Maybe other companies are making...
Thanks for the suggestion!
Going out socially, it is usually nice jeans/shoes, some sort of mix of button down shirt and another layer, or whatever. It looks good and works. But... going to a nice evening event this weekend, and most everybody will have a sport jacket on or wear a suit without a tie. Any pointers on what to pair my business suit with to make it more casual-friendly? I have 3 bespoke suits... light gray, chocolate brown, and dark navy. What shirt / shoe combo would you...
1 1/2 years later, still uncomfortable to walk around with it buttoned. Not sure why. In my head, it feels weird so I think it looks weird.
Thanks for the recommendation in AZ. I'm in L.A., so the Bay Area is a bit far. But, it's good to know there are local specialty cleaners. I'll just have to look for them. Glad to hear there are alternatives.
For most of my professional life, I've worn $300-500 off-the-rack. No issue with taking them to the local dry cleaner. In the last year, I've started upgrading my wardrobe and spending a bit more money on my shirts and suits. Now, I am worried about the cleaning process. I am about to acquire my third bespoke suit, and at $2000 a pop, I am re-thinking the dry cleaners. Seeing them throw a bunch of suits in a big machine getting agitated and thrown around doesn't make...
I usually wear an undershirt below my dress shirt. When taking measurements for a MTM shirt, should I wear both the undershirt and dress shirt, or no shirt at all? I'm thinking a shirt or any fabric may skew the length of the yoke or armhole... or some other measurement. Thoughts? Thanks!
Thanks for suggesting Luxire. I'm going to roll the dice with them.
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