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Quote: Originally Posted by rach2jlc Wow, zjp. I'm just trying to imagine the design team meeting for that first pair: A: "Well, I like them... but they need something." B: "I could always put a green eyeball on the side." A: "Brilliant!" Haha, funniest today, I've always thought that that is the way hollywood/porn producers build up their movies! I think those first shoes wouldn't look that awful without the tassels though, quite nice...
Suit: $3.000 Odd Jacket: $1.500 Overcoat: $2.000 Dress Shirt: $600 Jeans: $700 Shoes: $2.500 Belt: $500 Watch: $10.000 Pocket square: $100 Tie: $300 Cufflinks: $600 Socks: $15 (Don't get the whole sock thing?)
Bumping the price down to 350 including shipping.
Damn that looks amusing... Hah.
I want to match a tie with checkered braces, but how? I want to use a spread collar white shirt under neith the braces, or what else could I go with? And I'm thinking either white chinos, regular chinos or white chino-shorts! Now how about that, in need of help!
How about the performance, could it be measured with any of the newer sport-cars?
How much is the cost to buy one of these today?
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U6B8nlkUlbM 02.15 is when you see it as it's best! His music is not good but that car is sweet, anybody knows what model it is / year?
Quote: Originally Posted by AlanC I love that set of cufflinks! What is the metals?
Now i'm getting quite concearned, THAT MANY LIBERALS... Sigh..
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