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Suit: $3.000 Odd Jacket: $1.500 Overcoat: $2.000 Dress Shirt: $600 Jeans: $700 Shoes: $2.500 Belt: $500 Watch: $10.000 Pocket square: $100 Tie: $300 Cufflinks: $600 Socks: $15 (Don't get the whole sock thing?)
Bumping the price down to 350 including shipping.
Damn that looks amusing... Hah.
I want to match a tie with checkered braces, but how? I want to use a spread collar white shirt under neith the braces, or what else could I go with? And I'm thinking either white chinos, regular chinos or white chino-shorts! Now how about that, in need of help!
How about the performance, could it be measured with any of the newer sport-cars?
How much is the cost to buy one of these today? 02.15 is when you see it as it's best! His music is not good but that car is sweet, anybody knows what model it is / year?
Quote: Originally Posted by AlanC I love that set of cufflinks! What is the metals?
Now that's embarrising facts, hah. Well that was although more the war I find myself having against the world whom don't want to show more cuffs. Almost no one is showing cufflinks anymore!
Show some more cuff! What has happened to the world.. Sigh
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