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PM sent.
As stated in the title, in between what buttons should I put the tieclip? Thanks.
I'm scared of ebay.. And close to none onlineshops is shipping to Sweden! :/
Anyone on the forum that is selling any of theirs? Sounds safer, and comfortable.
+1, and Yes.
I would like to purchase some pairs that really looks nice to, where can I find this? I have a pair of Louis Vuitton black shoe trees and some regular bally's. But is there any with a great finish and just looks really good?
I want to buy some shoe trees in size 9US and +. Best of regards.
+1 !!
I am so looking forward to this. But I'm curious how it would turn out! Haha I've turned all giggly by thinking of a sequel!
No it's rather like this. Nice to look at, disgusting to own/wear. Although I love the finish/colour on it.
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