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That lot in small and I would have gone on the BIN.
I have tried this yachting, IT IS HARD to get it right. I am more on the Nay-side than on the Yay-side, sorry.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jeff Low Hi Gunnar, It's a model 15202. The bracelet is all steel; there is no gold in it. All the best, - Jeff Thank you very much, I really consider buying it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jeff Low I will cry tonight, thinking of your watch. Although, if the studs on the bracelet were in gold I would consider suicide. What is this models number?
Dolce & Gabbana(black label) is listed at 500 USD and up, not D&G.
Close to all Prada polo shirts are fake, and I hate that store that is relisting those ugly V-neck fake prada sweaters!
http://cgi.liveauctions.ebay.com/210...dZ1#la-image-2 That is so beautiful, I want it.. P.S How does these auctions work? pm me about it D.S
Quote: Originally Posted by jml90 THat collar is too spread for CBD. I would go with a darkblue coloured cBD, with that tie you have on or a striped navy/red tie.
Quote: Originally Posted by ghulkhan stop tryin cop my style haha sike you cant go wrong with suede gucci moccasins +1. Although calfskin is nice to.
As stated in the title, I would like to purchase a pair of cartier aviators and a cartier wallet. Since my last cartier wallet were stolen and I ought to have a new one. And I would like to try here before I go to a Cartier dealer! Regards, Gunnar.
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