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I saw this up on ebay for a while ago, remember it because of it's absurdity, hah.
What colours are you able to sell?
Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing I don't like Obama. He seems disingenuous. Indeed, 1+.
Vuitton sells their window stuff at a discount sometimes..
I know this, actually I own this watch already. But I don't have pictures on it. Mine is in better condition than the watch Lauritz is selling. I strongly dislike, as you say, alooooot of fakes.
Haha, yes quit my job today to do so, thank you. I will send in this watch to Patek Philippe, need restoration indeed. I am troubled about setting a date on this watch. Could anyone give me they're expert comment?
Remember, business before pleasure. Always..
If the tux got tail, it's a done deal.
That lot in small and I would have gone on the BIN.
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