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Gangstarr, Lil' Wayne, Slim Thug. The Aristocrats of rap.
Actually, if you are quite young, and wants to look as you're Bud Fox-stressed, fold up your shirts, wear your tie with a tie pin or tie clip. It's really a question about what lifestyle you prefer..
Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing Women have been wearing neckties since the '20s. Although it looks really silly...
Dolce & gabbana, ribbed cotton, I'm young so It's okey for me to have Dolce & gabbana..Okey? Good.
Yes indeed, Idler. Carmina has a really superb shop on Mallorca! Cartier makes most of theirs leather goods in Spain..
Quote: Originally Posted by LSeca The hat don Corleone is wearing looks wrong, wouldn't it look better with a hat more of the height similiar to yours in the avatar, LSeca?
Duh, Cartier vintage aviators? Gucci makes quite nice sunglasses too.
Well to summon up this thread, Patek Phillipe or Cartier Collection Privée? I would really like this watch to go through generations..
Yes I was talking about the Collection Privée! OK thank you gdl203, I'll keep it in mind when I go for a watchhunt.
Well, what about them? I always hear complains about the santos, although it's most beautiful.. But what about the more high-end watches, I don't recall seeing one on a human being the last year or so.. Please enlight me, since I'm considering in a buy.
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