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Fredrik har du några andra skor, mer utav en driving shoe? Behöver loafers!
Ask at a good dry cleaner what to do, they usually know!
Hi I got a Rolex Daytona from my uncle, who has passed. And the fact is that I already own a Rolex Daydate, so I want to sell this Daytona. Just putting this up if someone is interested on a great deal, I have nothing to loose on this deal so it's all good for me. The only problem is that the face on the watch has got some bronze stains from when i partied for like 2 weeks ago, the sprint was out because I had to change it(another country) and suddenly my friend...
Rolex Daytona if you want it pricey or else this is a watch I recentally discovered on an auction, Delbana! Quite old brand but marvolus design!
This sounds really disgusting but 50/50 Louis Roederer Cristal, Hpntiq. And off course, a Churchill, not that famous as it should be, try it!
Hehe yeah, well for you guys who like Gordon Gekko this is an oppurtunity because Gucci doesn't make these any more, and you will get the discount that Gucci can't offer
I got these as a gift from my father, I like them but I just don't know when to wear them you know. So I'm putting them here guys, give me some bids! This is the best picture I could find on the internet(Doesn't have a digital camera around for now.)
For budget i recommend Howard Johnsons plaza hotel and if you want to do it good do it Ritz, best service in town.
I got the Ipod Mini 4gb, works beautifully got some flaws from wearing it. You get everything as it came with. U tell me the price.
Move to Sweden guys, the retail here is 120 USD as most..
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