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Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing Note how the grey-haired man on the far right is wearing some sort of trainers on his feet. His spread collar is egregiously large and drooping and the tie knot looks like a flaccid organ. You can also see the bunching up of the collar/back of the jacket. They bring quite the shame over our glorious country..
A quality full-length rabbit or coyote coat is marvelous. So is it with any quality furs on a lapel, on the linning or as someone mentioned, on the hooded parka. Mink scarfs... Pro fur, no doubt.
Well here's the deal, there are no thriftshops in Sweden. And there is no current sales on for the moment. Sorry.
This is what it is all about, rare items, de luxe.
As LabelKing says, try finding a vintage one in crocodile. There is great deales to be found in the vintage market for that sort of things.
So, I'm looking for a Burberry SB carcoat in 36-38S. The length got to be under 40 inches, colour is not important. I would consider a double breasted too, but preferably a single breasted. Thank you.
Welcome to the Greatest country of them all, Sweden.
It's really not the bible/christianity that makes the churchgoers to be better citizens. I believe it is the parenting skills that has gone through generations of christians, whom nearly always has been able to study because of that christians always has been superior, and by that always had to prove it through being good citizens.
Well you got to give them credit for hiring the chinese-kids as designers instead of replica-makers! Back to topic, check out the rose gold!
Quote: Originally Posted by MunnyGuy Hey Aristocrat.... I am turning 35 in November.... I a starting to get a bit of a complex with your posts!!! Where does the arbitrary number of 35 come from? Is a 35 year old trend forward from Germany or Italy the same as a more traditional New Englander or Southener. I am not bashing, just trying to understand if my carefree days of a hipster are imminently done. Hah, it's about attitude, I...
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