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My fountain pen or if I want to be flashy I use my Amex Black card.
Let your son become a subtile dandy at school. Do it with Cartier.
Is there anyone that could look help me picking some up? The guy whom offered himself haven't replied. I would be most grateful for any help.
Quote: Originally Posted by amerikajinda That's odd because when I click on the provided link I get a Rick Astley video... Haha for me too actually, but I registered on euro-cig before bringing it up to SF, didn't actually click on the provided link until now.
Quote: Originally Posted by amerikajinda They're having a sale on cartons of Cartier Mild Luxury Cigarettes -- only $22.68 delivered in Europe! I actually registered on that website thinking this could be it. But no, they didn't have any Cartier cigarettes in stock what so ever, I even spoke to their contact person. Just to make things...
They are quite rare indeed. I do not like things just medium rare, I want them rare. I think you also share my passion for rare things, LabelKing.
Well, I've searched for them here in Sweden and they can't be found. So I'm asking someone that have a store nearby who's selling Cartier Cigarettes Mild Luxury or the regular line, to buy me a whole cartoon and then ship it to Sweden! I'll pay for the trouble. Regards, Gunnar.
I've PMd prf0g about it. Would be great if someone else stepped up giving me an offer. The thing is cchen that Burberry don't do mtm in Sweden.. It's sad really.
As I mentioned in the title, I'm in need of a Burberry trenchcoat, american-made or english-made doesn't matter. The thing is that it has to be size 36/46, beige and in new condition, preferably with tags still on it. I'm willing to pay alot, easily over 500 USD Thank you.
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