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I've found KMPlayer to better than VLC, although they're both better than the standard DIVX player
Does anyone know how long the whole process takes? I signed up on the 13th, and at the time there wasn't any notebooks being sent to my area, now there's one that was shipped on the 14th.
I haven't seen anyone mention Clocky or Tocky, alarm clocks that roll away from your bed when it goes off so you have to get up to retrieve it.
Off the top of my head - 21, Boom/Slap Cup, Flippy Cup, Chandelier, 4 Corners, Landmines, Speed Quarters But it's never fun when only one person knows how to play the game and is trying to explain it to 20 drunk people, just stick to the classics or variations of the classics (21 is a good example). I'd also avoid card games if there are a lot of people.
I got a letter of recommendation from my last internship, and I honestly have no clue when I would show it to people? Do I attach it with my resume when I apply to jobs, or when giving my resume to people at career fairs? Or do I just keep it for the interview? I have some references that I was planning on bringing along to my interviews so I don't know how much good my letter would do at that stage. Thanks for the help, still new to all of this. It's found a couple textbooks for me.
Verizon's unlimited texting includes Canada.
"I am required to award stars to movies I review. This time, I refuse to do it. The star rating system is unsuited to this film. Is the movie good? Is it bad? Does it matter? It is what it is and occupies a world where the stars don't shine. " -Roger Ebert on The Human Centipede
Quote: Originally Posted by JoyDiffusion The only thing I'd put above a perfect game would be shooting a 59 on the PGA tour. It's happened only 3 times since 1977, compared to 10 perfect games in that span. With an average of 140 players per tournament (half playing 2 rounds, half playing 4), 45 tournaments per year, that's roughly 18,000 rounds per year on the tour, compared to ~4,500 ballgames pitched each year in MLB. Multiply those numbers by 34...
I kind of was in high school , I'm Iranian and my school was 98% white kids who were really bad at making terrorist jokes (especially with 9/11 a couple years earlier). So I would never bring it up and hoped no one else would either. So not ashamed exactly, just wished people weren't so dumb.
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