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Quote: Originally Posted by hossoso That's a big 1040, good buddy. I'm pretty sure that's just 10-4. 1040 is an IRS form, yeah?
For contrast, check out a website I as a graphic designer like very much: Logopond
Well, it's 8 years old, and I assume everything from 2000 was hypothetical. But I do also assume an egotistical guy whose life revolves around working out did really encounter a lazy guy whose life revolves around eating, and this article fell out of what the author wanted to rant/brag/peptalk/insult as a result.
Understand that I was talking about how idiotic and one-track a person has to be to launching into a diatribe at a Christmas party about bragging about how good one looks naked. I would've extricated myself as quickly as possible from that situation before my eyes rolled right out of their sockets. Obviously his juiced up rant was embellished but come on, the ego of muscleheads tends to obscure what the rest of us call reality. There are plenty of ways to go through a...
Quote: We lift weights and manipulate our diets so that we'll look good naked...we'll probably live a longer and more productive life than the average guy...We do it because of people like you, Bob. Haha, what a freaking tool.
Here's an art piece for you. Good if you know any botanists or cardiovascular surgeons:
Heh, with my own personal aesthetics, I've always thought that the taller and smooth crystal ones looks better for wine whereas the squatter (especially square cut) ones look better with the "brown" liquor (scotches and whiskies, etc). Just a personal thought.
Most of the women I know are at least mildly bisexual, but not actively. I think it's just because everyone can agree that women are sexy.
Do you guys know how insane all of this is? Carrying 10-500k in credit card debt? I hope my sarcasm detector's broken and you guys are just joking
Quote: Originally Posted by Crooow Shame it's their wedding night, because the bride looks like she's suffering from a nasty yeast infection. HAH!
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