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Can someone suggest a product like Bumble & Bumble Grooming Creme but with higher shine? Backstory: Looking to try a slicked back look. I have dry, fine, wavy (and now that I'm in my mid thirties, slightly thinning) hair. I don't shampoo often and if it's not super dry in the winter, with some natural oil buildup, my hair has decent body in the front, and I can do a low pomp/quiff just by combing it wet. As long as the product is light, I don't need a lot of hold. But I...
The crewneck cotton-cashmere I got is at least as thick as a T-shirt and the EF merino.Dry easy, wool blended, and even the 100% cotton textured blazer all look cheap to me. But, again, linen-cotton is good. You're in luck, they have it in black.So did I, hence my satisfaction with this season's linen-cotton, which is advertised as slim fit.
Linen-cotton blazers are really good. I find the cut very slim, I'd say XS is more like 34 or slim 36. But yeah, fit like slim oxfords. Wish they had more colors.New thin oxfords are too thin--hoping they haven't cheaped out on their only decent shirts & bring back beefy cloth for fall. Denim, chambray all too thin.LS linen shirts not as rough as SS, maybe LS too, from last year, & decent.Do the cotton-cashmere sweaters pill? Had trouble resisting the softness.
3 cedar shoe racks for $35 shipped at the avant-garde designer warehouse jos. a bank. (buy 1 get 2 free deal on nearly everything, free shipping). perhaps less prudently, i also sprang for 3 of their suede belts for $75 total on the theory that cheap suede can't be all that horrible, and i was thinking of buying each of those colors (but not from JAB) at some point anyway.
If you want the fancy schoeller performance fabric (recommended for occasional wet-weather biking), get the dungarees rather than OG or climbers.I have no experience with the nycos or 60/30 chinos, but they're not as special or unique to outlier.
The snags are basically invisible from > 1' away since I pulled them to the wrong side, you would have to know where they are and be looking for them. If you look super close you might be able to see a small hole or where the thread has pulled the fabric a bit.If you use a sewing needle alone to try to pull them through, you will go insane. Which I almost did. The trick is to use a single-threaded needle to wrap a piece of thread around the snagged loop, hold the free end...
My climbers snagged a bunch at the thigh, where they were rubbing against a sharp steel edge on my front bike rack when carrying the bike. It took me awhile to figure out where the snags were coming from, but I figured it out and filed down the edge and no more snags. I mentioned the snags to a woman working the sample sale a year or two ago, and she asked, "like this?" and pointed to the front of her pants, which were all snagged up as well. Agree, I think it's just...
As usual, I think it varies a lot even within model ranges. I tried on a discontinued linen or linen/cotton copenhagen (34r) in the spring and it was very slim and relatively short. I then ordered a blue linen copenhagen in the same size (34r) when that came out late spring/early summer, and it was a bit longer (fit like a regular) and a fuller fit (I had to have it taken in in a few places). I didn't compare it directly against a havana, but having tried on one or two...
I have been on the lookout for a med to dark gray knit tie for a similarly colored linen suit. However, I dislike shine, so that has kept me away from the cheapies and commonplace 'wet' silk. If anyone knows of (an affordable) matte option, I'd be curious. Considering a wool knit just for the color, despite the non-summery fabric.
Yes, the sleeve pitch was off on the blue linen Copenhagen I bought--it was cut for zombie arms constantly held out in front of the torso. Keeping it anyway because everything else was pretty good and seeing what my tailor can do with it. And it fit much larger all around than the discontinued Copenhagen in the same size I had tried on at the store earlier. Sizing even in the same model/line is definitely inconsistent.
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