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Looking forward to seeing pictures of the new collection! By the way, I put your double layered beanie to the test today with the snow and the cold temperatures. Happy to report that it kept my ears and head super toasty despite how light it is!
TOJYeah I like my ZB a lot better as well, but that was pretty much the only outerwear I had. Needed something that was not too similar to mix it up a bit.
Thank you!Thanks! I'm really excited about the jacket!
Haha thanks man. Does that mean you are not a fan of the jacket's fit?
Picked up another leather today. Thoughts on fit anyone? Quality of leather feels so good. It's calf, so will be a bit boxy till it's broken in properly I guess.I was bored, so Daft Punk helmet. [[SPOILER]] EDIT:Deets : Helmet//TOJ//ZB//ZB//No vis ugly boots
^ I laughed haha
On the topic of radical style evolution, I had a pretty big one as well. I recently went back to my post history for fun and stumbled upon this gem hahaha: [[SPOILER]] And more recently: [[SPOILER]] Thank god for Styleforum. Even though what I'm doing now isn't anything majorly special, it's much much better than what I had going on then.
Something about the crumpled neck and clean rest of the boot does not appeal to me. Also it literally looks like a leather sock imo. But I see what you mean about the toe box. My current cheap-o sidezips are similar.I'll drop by Barney's and see if they have the Buttero sidezips available, thanks. Nomanwalksalone is all out of most sizes.
wow those look pretty horrible. But those are crumpled on the neck and not the rest of the boot.And here I thought those 10 sei 0 otto shoes looked pretty nice Maybe I need to lurk more.I'm going to see if I can find the Buttero sidezips somewhere to try in the meantime.
Thanks!So these 10 sei 0 otto shoes would also be considered to have the sock effect?
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