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Is there some place that has the APC PS in black on sale at the moment or sometime in the near future?
Haha I had that Barena long cardi in an S in my dreambox too. I bought it a few months ago actually when it was around $200. Liked the fit and material a lot, but the pockets were in a really weird spot. I couldn't put my hands inside entirely when I was wearing it which I really did not like. Also I think I didn't want the navy as much as I wanted the charcoal, so I returned it.
Thanks man Yeah I'm really happy with it!
Just thought I'd share some pictures and thoughts on my ZB jacket that I recently picked up since there isn't much information on here about his leathers.I got the Overlocked High Neck Minimalist leather in a 3oz Horse. I lucked out in that I got a custom piece that was made for someone shorter so the proportions are different from stock and are more cropped (stock is too long for me in the body and sleeves since I'm pretty short). It was originally a tan color that was...
Depends on how you set up your PayPal account. If you link it to your card or bank account, you don't have to put any money into the PayPal account. It will automatically draw from your card/account. If you link it to your card though, you are charged a fee when you make a payment. If you link it straight to your bank account, there is no fee on payments.
Like the coat Art, how warm is it?
Just to add something to this, I've noticed the smallest these generally go seems to be about 3" h x 4" w which is fine by me. 3" x 3.75 would be even better.Problem is I can't find anything with these dimensions that also has a coin compartment. If anyone know of some options, please let me know.
What happens once it goes up on the store btw? Are the prices going to be different?
Thanks, interesting wallet but I'm looking for something with a coin compartment.
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