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Thanks, I guess my best bet is used.If someone happens to see these on sale in a 41 please let me know
That does look very similar. Seems to be a limited edition though. I'm going to keep an eye out for them on Rakuten or Y Japan maybe. Would be very interested to hear from someone that has tried these and the Jun S21 about how they fit? The S21 size 41 on me is just a bit long and too tight in the instep. What size would I need in the Attachment in this case?
Does anyone have more information about these Attachment sidezips? Do they have a model number? Also wondering if they come in black and if the instep is not as tight as the Jun S21?
Up for trade is a pair of Jun Hashimoto S21 in black. The size is 41, and I believe these are waxed horse, though I'm not sure. I'm so bummed because the instep is too tight on these for me. The first owner has had them vibramed from the first day and wore it for about two months. The second owner has only tried them on indoors, and I've also only tried them on indoors. I'm not too knowledgeable about boots, so hopefully my description is good enough. If it isn't and you...
Thanks a ton! I'll get in touch with them.
Bumping this for the same question. Barney's in NYC does not have the sidezip boots. Bloomingdales does not carry Buttero anymore. Anywhere else in NYC carry Buttero sidezips?
Ok so I don't think these Juns are going to work out for me I thought maybe I could deal with the instep being tight. But these are really tight and I don't know how much shoes like these stretch. So I guess I need to look for something else. Anyone have suggestions of similar boots that would have a more forgiving instep and be equal in value in a trade?
Ah instep. I knew what it was called not. I wouldn't mind letting them stretch out on their own from wear too. I haven't had a chance to wear these a whole day so I don't know yet if it is unbearably tight, or just snugness that will go away with wear.Ok that makes sense. I thought I just had monster feet or something. It feels like they might be the right size, and they will fit me nicely with some wear especially if the instep stretches out a bit. So I guess it depends...
Hey guys! I'm in need of some opinions/advice. I picked up some Jun s21s and I can't tell if they are the right fit. They are not brand new, so I don't know how much they have stretched already. Apparently they have about 2 months of wear on them. What that means specifically I have no idea. So when I first tried to put them on, my foot had trouble going in my socks got all bunched up at the back and that made it pretty hard to zip it up in the back. But after a few...
Up for sale or trade is a pair of black Nudie Tape Ted. 97% Cotton and 3% Ly. Made in Italy. I got these in a trade, but they are a tad too skinny for my tastes. No rips/tears/stains/odors. I've never worn them except to try on. Previous owner says he has worn then about 10 times. Slight fading here and there, but nothing major. Check pictures for better idea of condition. If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to PM me. Thanks!
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