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Seems like NMWA does not even stock a 39 and 40. I'm a 41 which means I'd need a smaller size. Guess I can't buy Butteros from them, sale or no sale
I don't own any other higher end leathers so unfortunately I have nothing to compare to. If you visit NYC, I'll show it to you in person
Yep collar does stand on its own. The whole jacket could stand on its own in the beginning lol. It probably wont any more though. What other kind of fit pic did you want to see?
^ That is awesome
There is one on the WAYWT thread. I'll dig it up in case you missed it give me a sec.EDIT:@Distorbiant here it is [[SPOILER]] And here is an older one. Ignore the pants, I had nothing decent at the time [[SPOILER]]
Yes it did say that it was based on the Bowie movie. Also I think there were like mesh-ish tanks layered below a lot of the fits that looked great. Don't know the name exactly, left the info sheet with my friend. Should remember to grab it from her tomorrow.
@Desi, thanks for the passes Just got back from the runway show. Really really fun. Some awesome stuff in the collection! I can't see myself pulling off the hats but they were so damn cool on the dudes!
^ yeah and there's one for like ~$3k on the bay I really like the jacket except for the zipper on the arm. Can't point my finger at the reason though.
Nice! I didn't know that was you until I looked at the avatar.
^ Think its this one Page 2 has more.
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