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Final is a strong word in the case of that particular Barena piece it would seem
Knit is great! What is it? I can't figure out from the deets.Duffle looks a lot nicer open than closed.
Haha that's a pretty compelling suggestion actually Appreciate all the advice, thank you!
Ah here was another mistake I made. I bought the regular castile soap and not the pump version. The regular does not have Shikakai Powder like you mentioned. I'll pick up the pump tea tree version this time.And thanks for the info on the lemon juice vs Bronner's. I doubt I would use lemon juice after what you just said haha. I did notice how little soap I needed to use to shampoo with. At that rate, it should easily last 2x as long as my regular shampoo and may end up...
Appreciate the detailed reply thank you! I started using Bronner's because of one of your previous in-depth posts. I saw that you were using the tea tree version, but I really liked the peppermint scent and so thought I would try that. I think I will go get the tea tree and use that for my hair instead and see if that changes anything.At this point, I don't think my wallet would like it if I spent more money on regular hair products. The soap is already double what I am...
I just bought the Dr Bronner's Peppermint Liquid Soap and have used it on my hair two or three times. It smells great, is a bit tingly and lathers and cleans so well. But I think it leaves my scalp a bit dry. I notice some dry skin show up around my temples right after I'm done with my shower. Is this a property of the mint in it? Would the tea tree liquid soap be better for my hair/scalp? If so I want to switch to that instead of continuing with the peppermint version.
IMO the only thing they both have in common are that they are both hats. Pharrell's looks like he bought a hat two sizes too large and then ran over it with a truck.
in stitches, hat and new pose is pretty badass. Awesome!
@nicelynice @spacepope
I really like how it looks with the collar up, probably more than I do with it down. I wear it up every time I have a scarf on, but otherwise I decide on a whim
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