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And this is pretty much why I would hesitate to buy anything that's even thicker.Anyone know how man oz. the TOJ calf generally is?
I own a TOJ moto in calf. Their calf is pretty damn thick I would say, and they still fit very slim.Maybe I just haven't seen the thick leather you are referring to. Though personally I doubt I'd be inclined to buy anything that's much thicker than the TOJ calf when used for a jacket.
Jacket is black. Pictures are a bit off. Size is tagged as a 2. All I can say is I wish this fit me. Beautiful blazer that I want to keep it but I can't wear it as it is too big, and it is just going to sit in my closet. So I guess I need to get over it and let it go. Would be more than happy to trade for exactly this Julius blazer in size 1, or other Julius blazers in a size 2. 67% Angora 33% Nylon. The condition is very nice, the only little thing I see that shows wear...
Yikes. Appreciate the warning, thanks haha.
I'm invariably guilty of using too much of any hair related thing. I'll make sure to go easy with it.
Alright well I dropped by Trader Joes during my lunch break and picked up a bottle of the food grade virgin coconut oil. Let's see how well it works! Ideally, I'd love to be able to just use a tiny bit after my shower and work it into my hair like a leave in. My hope is that it will get absorbed to the point where it won't look like I have grease in my hair. If that fails, I'll try using it as a pre-conditioner.
Thanks for the rec. I've been thinking of doing that for a while actually. There is this form Trader Joe's that comes highly recommended by a lot of folks: Might pick up a bottle of that today and give it a shot. Might even be enough to use that as a pre-conditioner before I shower. That way I won't have anything in my hair after I'm done.
Up for trade is a really awesome pair of KKA double layer J pants in a size two. They could probably fit a variety of smaller sizes as well because the waist has adjustment straps to tighten up if needed. This is the 3rd time I've been unlucky with pant sizing, and this one has been the biggest bummer because these pants are awesome. The waist is just too tight for me. I can zip them up fine, but after a few minutes of wearing, they get uncomfortable. So I would like to...
Ah gotcha thanks. I'm hesitant to try the Bronner's creame because there is a common complaint that it is way too greasy and is pretty much like putting oil in your hair. I'm looking for something moisturizing but light. Guess I'll just search around the internet and see what I can come up with. Thanks! If anyone has recommendations on a leave in moisturizer with no harsh chemicals, please do let me know! I don't need to be able to style with it, just moisturize is good...
@patrickBOOTH Picked up the Tea Tree with Shikakai and stopped using the regular castile soap. This does end up making my hair less dry than the soap, but it is still dry unfortunately. Do you have a recommendation for a leave in conditioner? I used to use some random thing called 'It's a 10' but I don't want to use that anymore because it is full of chemicals and will negate what I'm trying to achieve with using the Bronner's natural stuff.
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