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ChicagoMediaMan-27 is a great seller. Great price, item was exactly as described and came lightning quick! Would definitely do business with again, thanks!
Price drop to SOLD! Measurements added. Am leaving SF to another country for the winter break so these are only going to be available for a little longer... Will probably just start wearing them if they don't sell soon!
So anyone know where I can get the 200ML bottles in San Francisco or somewhere online for cheap(er than other places)?
whats the smallest bottle of BL that you can get? I heard they were selling 200ML bottles at duty free stores at the airport? Is there anything between that and the 750ML?
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini Are you kidding? Google jean shop and it's at the top of the front page. Not really lol. Is the denimart thing it? EDIT: Yeah I guess it is... their skinny cut looks kinda meh. Any other ideas for a jean that will look considerably different than the organic indigo WGs? Still looking for a nice tapered cut or skinny maybe. Also if I can't find anything soon I might just buy the vintage blue weird guys....
Quote: Originally Posted by KitAkira Easily found at $100 Do you happen to know what their website url is? I want to check out their styles but can't find their homepage
Isn't jeans shop really expensive though? Not really in my budget atm... Looking for something $140 or below actually...
Hey guys... A while ago I was trying to find a nice pair of jeans to wear in addition to the ones I have now... I have a pair of organic indigo weird guys from naked and famous. I was considering the vintage blue weird guys since they look so different from the color I have now... But those are a bit hard to find right now in my size. I want something in a skinny or tapered fit that will actually look like I'm wearing a different pair of jeans when I wear them. So maybe...
I used one coating of Obenauf's Leather Oil on my jacket, and it made it a whole lot darker but softer, and also the color is now very uneven but it might actually look nice like this. What do you guys think? Another coating of Obernauf's or does it look nice like this?
Price drop SOLD Now up for trade maybe. Not really looking for anything in particular, but send me a PM with offers. Can be anything, not just perfumes.
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