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Thanks! These are DNAs.
(Picture is clickable for better quality) Random T (no vis) / ZB / ZB / InAisce
Up for trade is a really nice asymmetric hem long-sleeved t-shirt from Attachment in black. I don't see a size tag but it should fit a 44, or a slim 46. Check measurements below. Last two pictures show color best. The hem is raw, but has a stitch about .5" above to control the fraying. Seam detail runs across the front of the body and a straight seam runs down the back. The sleeves are very slim and have a ribbing that run the entire length. Really cool piece but it is a...
Better pictures added. Prince includes shipping to ConUS and PP fee. Local in NYC is fine too. Bought this from someone on here and wore it maybe 5 times at the most. It is still in great condition. Just trying to get back around what I paid for it. Description from previous seller: "I have 3 of these that my dad picked up while visiting England. There is no brand. It is very soft. 62 inches x 12 inches. The "Made in Scotland" tag is not sewn on but appears to be iron...
Jun backzips 41 http://stylezeitgeist.com/forums/showthread.php?t=18155
So here is my attempt at measurements. Please use this more as just a guide though.Sleeve length - 27"Chest when buttoned - 19"Length from armpit to hem - 21" (keep in mind that the hem is curved)Shoulder - 16"Back length in the center from below collar - 29" (again, the hem is curved so the center back of the hem is the shortest part of the hem)I'm a hair under 5' 8" and the sleeves are about 2 inches too long for me. Also the body is longer than a usual blazer, but I...
Found a cheat sheet for the thickness/weight conversion http://www.brettunsvillage.com/leather/conversions.html
I didn't mean the weight of the jacket itself actually. I was asking about the thickness which is generally measured in oz I believe. As LA guy mentioned a little earlier on.
And this is pretty much why I would hesitate to buy anything that's even thicker.Anyone know how man oz. the TOJ calf generally is?
I own a TOJ moto in calf. Their calf is pretty damn thick I would say, and they still fit very slim.Maybe I just haven't seen the thick leather you are referring to. Though personally I doubt I'd be inclined to buy anything that's much thicker than the TOJ calf when used for a jacket.
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