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Thought I'd try b&w this time as the fit is entirely b&w. So yeah! Self timer caught me but I thought it looked nicer than the posed one. Julius / Random / ZB / Julius FInally some boots that I love and that fit me!
Ah that's a relief to hear. Thanks!
That's what I thought.Oh hold up just noticed the wording there. Their email they just sent me says it differently:"Please visit the UPS website to find the nearest drop-off location. YOOX will simply deduct a Return Fee of $6.95 plus Sales Tax where applicable."And basically when I clicked through their return process, they ended up showing me how much I will get refunded. It shows the exact amount that the item cost not including sales tax. So unless this is some weird...
It says on their returns page:"We will deduct a flat Return Fee of USD 6.95 (plus Sales Tax on this fee, where applicable) from your refund."So it isn't really a mistake, just a thing they do apparently.
I didn't realize that YOOX does not refund tax on returns! Is that even legal?
Returning these in the next few days! If you want them, now is the time! Up for sale is a pair of Officine Creative Italia sidezips in black distressed/reverse leather. Sizing does not work for me, so I'm looking to let them go at less than what I paid so I don't have to return to YOOX. Got them brand new on the cheap. Hard to find boots like these at a price like this and I'm really disappointed they don't fit. But anyway. I'm not looking for offers. Price includes...
The first thing I thought when I saw your fitpic was that you look like an evil genius bad guy from a movie (in a good way) holding the remote control to a bomb in your hand
Appreciate the offer Zam! Was planing to come by soon anyway but can't seem to do it during the week because of work Will try and co-ordinate with you for one of the upcoming weekends.
Unfortunately I'm not experienced enough with boots and leather to know haha. I have a feeling these will never be comfortable on my feet.My rational side is urging me to just send them back, but the other side is trying to make me believe that they will stretch and be fine. I guess I'm really disappointed that these don't fit because they are pretty much exactly what I've been looking for price/look wise.I've also heard that a cobbler could potentially stretch the instep...
Picked these OC boots up from Yoox. Heard some good and bad things about quality, but took a chance anyway. I was not expecting them to look this nice actually. Yoox pictures were terrible as usual. Says on the insole that they are entirely handmade. Seems extremely solid to me, but I'm no expert. The inside is lined with a really smooth leather. Feels really nice.Only sucky part is that the damn instep is tight for me again Feels a bit better than the Juns I bought at...
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