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I looked for them but didn't see any. Maybe I missed them? But I'm pretty sure they didn't them.
T-Shirts? Yes they had a couple left in an S. Not too many though.
Nice! I just went there today and grabbed the grey in an S. Wish there were more Ms. I'm not sure if I'm happy with the fit on the S, but since it wasn't final sale... I can always change my mind.I also liked the moto jeans they had. But the 46 was kind of big on me and apparently they didn't order the 44s. Oh well. Price was pretty good.
@Auximenes, I concur with ghostface. Upper half looks really nice but the pants look kind of billowy. Are they new? Maybe they need to settle.
Up for sale is the original, rare early iteration of the gimp with straps. Tagged XS, but fits a 46 perfectly and 44 a bit oversized. Color is tagged as black but is kind of a stone wash black. Raw hem, super comfortable and cozy lining. Two chunky zippers and all round badass looking hoodie. Not super sure that I even want to let go of this but I don't think I can pull it off. This looks like it has wear on it, but I can't say for sure as some RO stuff is distressed and...
Thanks! DNAs!
Thought I'd try b&w this time as the fit is entirely b&w. So yeah! Self timer caught me but I thought it looked nicer than the posed one. Julius / Random / ZB / Julius FInally some boots that I love and that fit me!
Ah that's a relief to hear. Thanks!
That's what I thought.Oh hold up just noticed the wording there. Their email they just sent me says it differently:"Please visit the UPS website to find the nearest drop-off location. YOOX will simply deduct a Return Fee of $6.95 plus Sales Tax where applicable."And basically when I clicked through their return process, they ended up showing me how much I will get refunded. It shows the exact amount that the item cost not including sales tax. So unless this is some weird...
New Posts  All Forums: