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Who is the midget here, anyway? The raper or the rapee?
Stupid cunt didn't tell about the reinforcements.
Then, no rolling for you. Edit: I waited untill I could afford a more expensive (second hand) bike, so I understand.
It almost sounds like you're looking for a sports tourer, instead of a cruiser (besides looks of course).
Is stand corrected. Innocent n00b mistake.
Spot the differenceI know the dollar price is without sales tax, but certainly when buying a motorcycle the U.S. is a fine place to be.
Did a billion people watch it? Having other examples of bad story telling in movie history isn't much of a point.By the way when Rey and the ex-storm trooper went in their first space fight I already inwardly groaned. Ray and the stormtrooper were just too excellent at space fighting. [[SPOILER]]
And the good guys would be comprised of smugglers and Han, and smugglers. And they would of cours all know eachother, 'cause it's a small galaxy.
If anyone is going gay; it's Rey.
New Posts  All Forums: