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While I'd love to own a HP2 Sport, on looks alone I'd choose the R1200S.Test driving one with Laser exhausts was great too. If only practicality hadn't come inbetween.
The relatively large size in its class of 'sport'-tourer bikes is what won me over. Upper body wise I'm quite comfortable. Leg wise I'm OK.Funnily enough, just yesterday I was enjoying the sideway reaction of the bike revving at an otherwise empty traffic light stop. Often, when stopped, I lean on my left leg, the bike slightly tilted and then when I go it magically rights itself.😊
My R1200ST after an afternoon run on location, today.
It's to make up for the horizontal engine.
Let's not forget vertical oriented lights: Round > Vertical > 2 round >>>>> Bug
I need to nerd up.
What did you notice, then?
Only a consiglieri of Big Pharma would help hide the Facts and the Science, by not quoting them. Next time share first and read afterwards.
New Posts  All Forums: