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This, also she portrais the mischievous, insolent character as I imagined Arya from reading the [[SPOILER]]
Once, I used the facilities in a bar/restaurant with LCD glass. My prostate betrayed me to be a puritan North-American.
I've read somewhere separation of the emulsion is more likely when using cold ingredients.
Not that much more, perhaps I whisked harder(?) And I used a non-seed mustard. That may have made a difference.@gomestarRecipe was:One egg yolk and about half, maybe even one tablespoon of mustard: mix. Add oil first about the amount the size of a quarter.Whisk (hard) at the side of the oil (sunflower), making the start of a spiral in oil slowly mixing it.repeatrepeatrepeat with a larger amountrepeat with again a larger amountAdd seasoning (salt, pepper, tabasco) and...
It almost seems as if the only thing I make is mayo:The best batch yet in taste and consistency.
I gave it a try again. First I whisked the one egg yolk with mustard, slow poured a relatively larger amount of oil and in the end added seasoning, vinegar and some extra mustard.It was better, consistensy was best before adding the vinegar, which makes me think I need stronger stuff.Next time I'll try (even) more oil.
Thank you, The coming together part isn't the problem. It becomes a nice and even emulsion(?). Colour is good. Taste is good when I get my seasoning right. But due to the liquidity of it, it lacks a certain mouth feel, especially noticable with fries. Per common knowledge we Dutch like to ... drown our fries in mayo.Thank you, I'll try
I may have misspoken there. I looked at Stevenson's recipe and then use what is in my cupboard. Recipe 2 egg yolks 1 table spoon of Dijon mustard (I mostly use 'Zaanse Mosterd') 1 table spoon of fresh lemon juice (I mostly use clear vinegar) 3/4 cup of vegetable oil (sunflower) salt and pepper (have used Tabasco) Mix the egg, mustard and lemon juice together and then add drops of oil which are whisked in to incorporate them. It all comes together fine, but stays too...
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