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Spot the differenceI know the dollar price is without sales tax, but certainly when buying a motorcycle the U.S. is a fine place to be.
Did a billion people watch it? Having other examples of bad story telling in movie history isn't much of a point.By the way when Rey and the ex-storm trooper went in their first space fight I already inwardly groaned. Ray and the stormtrooper were just too excellent at space fighting. [[SPOILER]]
And the good guys would be comprised of smugglers and Han, and smugglers. And they would of cours all know eachother, 'cause it's a small galaxy.
If anyone is going gay; it's Rey.
I took lessons (mandatory here). One of the first lessons I was directed to the highway. The biggest impressions was one of incredible speed. The acceleration at half throttle on the on-ramp. 120 Kmph (about 75 mph and top speed here then) seemed almost. too. much. Overtaking at 90 mph was an incredible rush. Lines blurred. My illfitting lesson helmet was lifting. The wind roared deafeningly. How would I ever get used to the chest constricting wind pressure? Was I having...
I like that Jason Ur guy. He spouts the @Harold falcon narrative.
Disgustingly so.
Once I snuck into a guarded area as pythagoras thaught me it was a shortcut to my friends. I was 'apprehended' by about twenty guards/taxi drivers and the one german shepherd. After the police picked me up I asked to be dropped off at the nearby McDonalds where my friends were to eat a quarter pounder.Needless to say I'm now an expert guard, taxi driver, policeman and burger flipper.
While others feel cool defending popular things.
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