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I have a pair of Red Wings, and I agree. They don't feel like that at all; the height of safety. Comfortable though.
Just in case anyone missed this.
Who is the midget here, anyway? The raper or the rapee?
Stupid cunt didn't tell about the reinforcements.
Then, no rolling for you. Edit: I waited untill I could afford a more expensive (second hand) bike, so I understand.
It almost sounds like you're looking for a sports tourer, instead of a cruiser (besides looks of course).
Is stand corrected. Innocent n00b mistake.
Spot the differenceI know the dollar price is without sales tax, but certainly when buying a motorcycle the U.S. is a fine place to be.
Did a billion people watch it? Having other examples of bad story telling in movie history isn't much of a point.By the way when Rey and the ex-storm trooper went in their first space fight I already inwardly groaned. Ray and the stormtrooper were just too excellent at space fighting. [[SPOILER]]
New Posts  All Forums: