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Two months ago I bought a BMW R1200ST. I've been meaning to post some pictures but time and weather delayed me. Similar to this one:
This, also she portrais the mischievous, insolent character as I imagined Arya from reading the [[SPOILER]]
Once, I used the facilities in a bar/restaurant with LCD glass. My prostate betrayed me to be a puritan North-American.
I've read somewhere separation of the emulsion is more likely when using cold ingredients.
Not that much more, perhaps I whisked harder(?) And I used a non-seed mustard. That may have made a difference.@gomestarRecipe was:One egg yolk and about half, maybe even one tablespoon of mustard: mix. Add oil first about the amount the size of a quarter.Whisk (hard) at the side of the oil (sunflower), making the start of a spiral in oil slowly mixing it.repeatrepeatrepeat with a larger amountrepeat with again a larger amountAdd seasoning (salt, pepper, tabasco) and...
It almost seems as if the only thing I make is mayo:The best batch yet in taste and consistency.
I gave it a try again. First I whisked the one egg yolk with mustard, slow poured a relatively larger amount of oil and in the end added seasoning, vinegar and some extra mustard.It was better, consistensy was best before adding the vinegar, which makes me think I need stronger stuff.Next time I'll try (even) more oil.
Thank you, The coming together part isn't the problem. It becomes a nice and even emulsion(?). Colour is good. Taste is good when I get my seasoning right. But due to the liquidity of it, it lacks a certain mouth feel, especially noticable with fries. Per common knowledge we Dutch like to ... drown our fries in mayo.Thank you, I'll try
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