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Haha that is not me in the suit. Stock photo. I'm just wondering if its worth it to insure against this kind of low payoff, low probability stuff. I think I'm getting into SF group think - seriously want to buy 2 of everything (watches, leather jackets, etc.) so it can "last forever". Anyone else feel this way?
Hi all, Just bought this suit off of Jcrew at a steal with the latest discount code. With the discount, the pants come to only an additional $50 extra, but I wanted to ask - do you ALWAYS buy 2 pairs of pants for every suit (non-bespoke)? I'm not trying to be cheap here, but wondering if an additional $50 is worth it for another pair of pants for a suit I don't plan on wearing that often. What do you guys advise and what do you do in your own suit purchases? Thanks! ...
Guys, Which PoW suit do you like the best? I'm debating between these two J.Crew options: Option 1: PoW with blue overlay Option 2: PoW - no other colors Thanks!
Anyone have one of these available? OR know where to get one? I'll pay for proxy Recently, saw some pop up on ebay,default,pd.html
I ask this because I frequently leave my nice shirts on wire hangers in the plastic bags after dry cleaning. Why? Honestly, too lazy to put them on nice hangers. All of my suits and other jackets are on giant supportive hangers, but for shirts back from the dry cleaner, I don't change them out. So far, seems fine when I actually get around to wearing the shirt hanging on the wire hanger. Does anyone else do this or am I testing fate?
This is the nicest trench coat I have ever owned. It is made by Etro in Italy, the major fashion house. The outside fabric feels substantial and water resistant, leading me to believe this will be part of your favorite equipment in good and rotten weather. The inside fabric features a stand-out and vivid green sleeve lining - a truly handsome color that WILL be noticed if you just turn the sleeves up slightly. Moreover, the inside of the trench coat is lined in a...
Beautiful Etro trenchcoat with all the bells and trimmings/cashmere blend interior and bright green lining for typical Etro swag. Fits a Large
Think they'll go past 25% off? Said no further discounts but wasn't sure.
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