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i think they're nice
Quote: Originally Posted by PolePosition I think that it is easier to look good in suits because there are sets of "rules" that apply when wearing suits. People don't need to necessarily have personal style, just need to know how to match colors, get suits that are tailored correctly, tie ties, get good shoes, etc.... I mean there are alot of places to learn how to dress well in business clothing and is a bit less subjective. Whereas streetwear. Well...
just get a smaller one what is there to ask?
Quote: Originally Posted by JoelF Really interesting information, thanks. A couple months ago I picked up some gray wash 501s at Macy's then had the lower block tapered a bit by my tailor. They've become one of my favorite jeans rivalling (almost) my KMW 1980s. But in the back of my mind I kept saying, 501s never fit like this before, what happened? I just checked, the back tag is there. Cool! yep, that's exactly what I thought when I put...
See attached pic
you can find it on just click on one of the 501 pics and look at the waist area. It says 501 on it. Older ones doesn't have this.
yeah it seemed like they have a good mix of old and new versions. Because the tag designs are significantly different, I don't think people will have trouble distinguishing between them, so people should be able to choose the version that they like, although the turnover might be faster than expected. I went to Macy's today and they had a significant portion of the stock in new style already. I overheard the salesperson saying that they hope the older ones will eventually...
Yes I tried on the stf as well but because the sizes were humongous, it was hard to tell whether the fit on these were slimmer. But from the looks of it, it had the newer tag designs so I'm think it's fair to assume that it is newer fit, but I could be wrong. It would be nice to hear from someone who've actually tried this. As for me, I didn't want to take the risk (dreaded blue bath tub..!), so I just settled with preshrunk one and it fits great!
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