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Could you post a pic of the leg opening since its been hemmed? I'd like to see the stitching job. Thanks
p2p, shoulder , and length please?
price drops on everything
Quote: Originally Posted by Zeemon is it difficult to remove the brand-stitching on nudie backpockets? No, it can be done with seam rippers
Quote: Originally Posted by linkinwayne Got a linen blazer from the Uniqlo flagship store in Malaysia. Not the best of fits, but decent enough. Only about $50 too, so I'm pretty happy with it. How is the feel of this jacket? I've been eyeing it
Quote: Originally Posted by darkarmour Got some new GATs. I replaced the shoelaces and painted the sides of the rubber soles in dark gray. I like the laces. What paint do you use to do that?
chicken + waffles w/ gravy in n out double-double w/ shake truffle pizza
Quote: Originally Posted by lfc757 has anyone bought the vintage utility fleece deck jacket or seen it in person? how should i size on it? it was one size larger than my TTS. As usual with Jcrew jackets, I went down one size.
picked up a cutaway collar polo for $25 after sale + student discount. As above, I only need to flash my card (at the SF store)
beef tartare. Just had it at Chez Papa Resto where they use kobe beef. The texture is amazing
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