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Still looks like a rapist.
They're split testing which one is more effective at driving users to refer others.
Add negatives to your saved search.
That was some god awful writing.lol.
Pretty self explanatory, it's a TOJ1 varsity, black sleeves, black body, with the digital camo reverse, in a stock size 50. The jacket came out too big for me, and I want to point my money cannon at other interests for the time being. Barely any wear, worn for a little bit indoors to try it out before I decided it was too big, and then it sat in my closet for a while. Buy it here and get a discount and no wait time, simple as that. Gift or +4%. Includes shipping in US.
Willy's blood pressure must spike with every one of those posts, haha.
Bought these on a whim a while ago, don't really wear them so there's no point in keeping them around. Worn a few times, so there's wear to the sole, but really not much, and they come half-Vibram'd so it's not a big deal. Color is a distressed gray, with a little bit of brown in direct sunlight. Size 44, true to size. No damage as far as I can tell, zipper works fine. Price includes shipping to the US. No shoe box. Note: there is a portion of the leather on the...
Heh, other people are just as bored as I am at work, apparently.
melonade was right, lol.
Do you know what these adjustments will be yet? Or when you'll let us know about them? I need a collared moto.
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