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It's from S/S 2010, comfiest boots in the world. Feels like I'm wearing a leather sock.
These would look great. [[SPOILER]]
I tried to send my order to her telepathically first but she didn't respond to that either.
Anyone talked to Tatjana recently? She suddenly stopped replying to emails, may have to give the store a call tonight.
He's also half a foot shorter than you. You've got 6 inches on him and you're only 20 pounds heavier, a 48 sounds about right.
You look like a big boneded woman now.
^^ Those were the MMM metallic brushed boots, they look like that new.
How's quality on Silent knits? Really liking this right now: [[SPOILER]]
I just burst out laughing at work with that picture.
Fade to Black.
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