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They only put the conductive fibers in the fingertips of the thumb and first fingers on the gloves.
I have the original 5-zip from F/W 1999. Size 48, 19" shoulder, 21" chest, 19" hem. Sleeves are over 8" at bicep. Boxy and awesome.
So are the zips on the v2 oxford gonna be Riri or just YKK?
The rail thin guys just happen to be styling them decently, the bigger guys haven't.
Sigh, was afraid it'd from the artisanal line.
Trying to make everyone happy is how Hanes ended up with their cut.
Damn that's awesome. Which season?
No matter how many terms/names/theories you can throw around, talking about applying economic theory always makes you sound like a college freshman.
Fucking hell guys, just leave it alone, it's obvious no one's going to change anyone's mind about anything. There's not gonna be any awards ceremony at the end of this, just a bunch of shitty posts after what were several pages of interesting discourse.
A fuckton.
New Posts  All Forums: