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Gum ones look like ghetto Dior.
Are the collars on the slim fits still wimpy?
I'm imagining all of you sitting in tables at McDonald's, shouting out orders at imaginary waiters.
One of Schneider's best shirts ever, from S/S 2010. Hidden placket long sleeve button down shirt, with a subtle check pattern. Size V, but it's one of the slim fits. Second and third photos were taken outside, late afternoon, indirect light, so it looks bluer than it is. First picture is most color accurate. If this was a size bigger I'd keep it, but it was always too small for me, I was just too lazy to put up a listing. It's in fantastic condition. Shoulders:...
[[SPOILER]] You remind me of Scrappy Doo.
Oh no. You're no longer at the forefront of exclusive, cutting edge fashion.
FYI, call 1-866-493-7140 and you can pay the fee via credit card over the phone. No online payment system. I get my stuff delivered to work and the shipping/receiving department has no idea how to handle this stuff, so I just do that.
Picked up an Emory, before the hypetrain decided to make a stop in Kranetown, got hit with $66.53 for customs.
It's like going to a restaurant with a group, ordering a water, and just picking at people's leftovers. You've saved a few bucks, at the cost of your soul.
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