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The waist will stretch and allow you to sag a bit and give you more room in the crotch. My size 30 Rescue's stretched almost 4 inches in the waist, I really wish I'd either sized down more in the Rescue's or even gone with New Standards, in hindsight.
oops, never mind.
Quote: Originally Posted by HelloIDistance Damn man there are so many elitists on this forum, it's crazy. Every time someone comes here with a little diversity everyone just rags on them. Maybe that's why the majority of people on this forum wear really boring clothes. I can only take so much basic tee, jeans, basic sneaker. I don't even wear anything nuts either, I am a pretty basic guy, but just because someone comes in wearing something different than...
Anyone know of any nice Barracuta-type jackets that are slim and don't have the umbrella-shaped shoulder seam on the back? I like the overall shape of the Barracuta jacket, but I don't need some of the "functional" features like the umbrella seam or roominess. I really liked this great R&B Barracuta that came up on Gilt a couple days ago, but they were sold out of my size by the time I got to it. Here's some pics of the R&B one I found off eBay, but the ones on eBay...
^ No. Some people like to soak even sanforized jeans to get rid of the starch actually. The creases will form regardless just fine. If you want a head start, you can try soaking the jeans, hanging them dry, and putting them on when they're a little damp, and sit somewhere until they dry, which'll help get some whiskers, combs, etc. formed a bit faster.
He's ventured out of MC! Don't scare him away!
Quote: Originally Posted by Coldsnap hmm, true. I have a 28 in NS, I sorta want the same fit but just a large front rise, so maybe just a 28 Rescue. I'd recommend a 27 Rescue, from what I've read. I've never tried on any NS because I'm not a big fan of the taper, but from reading threads and looking at measurement charts, it looks like the Rescues measure a bit bigger in the waist, and that'll give you a closer fit to your NS, but realize that...
Quote: Originally Posted by Coldsnap What size do you wear in rescues? They were my first pair of raws, after reading the APC thread, I went with a tagged 30. I have a 33" waist. I've been wearing them for a couple months now, and if I could, I'd go back and buy a 29 instead, maaaybe even a 28. The waist on my Rescues has stretched out to about 34.5". I think sizing down 4 would be best, maybe even more depending on your preference. I don't...
I'm looking for some nice shorts for the upcoming summer. I came across these and loved them, until I found out they cost $700... Anyone recommend any designers or anything with a similar aesthetic and a smaller price tag? I've been looking at the WWM Ranger shorts over at Farinelli's, but I love the gingham lining on these shorts.
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