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He's ventured out of MC! Don't scare him away!
Quote: Originally Posted by Coldsnap hmm, true. I have a 28 in NS, I sorta want the same fit but just a large front rise, so maybe just a 28 Rescue. I'd recommend a 27 Rescue, from what I've read. I've never tried on any NS because I'm not a big fan of the taper, but from reading threads and looking at measurement charts, it looks like the Rescues measure a bit bigger in the waist, and that'll give you a closer fit to your NS, but realize that...
Quote: Originally Posted by Coldsnap What size do you wear in rescues? They were my first pair of raws, after reading the APC thread, I went with a tagged 30. I have a 33" waist. I've been wearing them for a couple months now, and if I could, I'd go back and buy a 29 instead, maaaybe even a 28. The waist on my Rescues has stretched out to about 34.5". I think sizing down 4 would be best, maybe even more depending on your preference. I don't...
I'm looking for some nice shorts for the upcoming summer. I came across these and loved them, until I found out they cost $700... Anyone recommend any designers or anything with a similar aesthetic and a smaller price tag? I've been looking at the WWM Ranger shorts over at Farinelli's, but I love the gingham lining on these shorts.
Quote: Originally Posted by whacked ^ Junya x Brooks Brothers http://men.style.com/theupgrader/sty...ay=false&cnt=1 Yeah, the price Holy bejesus. ... Dammit. Anyone know of any designers with a similar aesthetic to this?
Quote: Originally Posted by Coldsnap Anyone wear rescues? Yeah, what's up?
I've been wearing my first pair of raws (APC Rescue's) for a couple months now and am looking to expand my collection. I really want a pair of the SExSC06 for the summer, I just wanted to double check sizing, since I've never dealt with unsanforized denim. I'm a 33" waist, wearing a pair of Rescue's tagged 30, in hindsight should've went with a 29 with all the stretch. It seems like I should go with a tagged 33 for the SExSC06, does that seem right?
Anyone know where I could find these? This was posted by siglo vi, who mentioned Junya Watanabe, but he hasn't responded to my PM.
Hey, do you think, when you get the chance, you could post some quick measurements of the WWM Ranger Shorts? Waist, hem, inseam? Thanks a lot!
Quote: Originally Posted by wildcard ^^ Here. Not many sizes though. Know of any other places that carry that color? Endless has these shoes in white, black, and blue, but I can't seem to find the gray ones anywhere, and I love that color. I found some on eBay but they're double the price, ugh.
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