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At least the laces aren't tied in a noose.
You look like a Sith lord walked out of Abercrombie & Fitch.
They run a little bit bigger than the regular oxfords. I hang dry mine, no ironing, and with the wrinkling it ends up fitting a bit slimmer, pretty close to the regular oxfords. If you like how the regular oxfords fit, get the same size in linen, it'll be a good looser fit, as a linen shirt should be.Medium s2s was about 18.25", p2p about 22". I machine wash cold, hang dry mine.I tried sizing down to a small before, they get too tight around upper arms/elbow if you do the...
Arethusa's posts should be deleted. The amount of misinformation here is unbelievable.Because no one in this thread is really qualified to give sizing advice aside from Charly, and it was going well until you decided to come along and fuck it up.Because no one else has ever read this thread and gotten the impression that the standard advice was to "size down."Because no one has ever looked at the size charts, looked at the measurements for a size 50, and not made the...
Yeah, just email them.
Uniqlo link: Brand new. Picked it up on a whim way back when Uniqlo was still doing +J, and then I forgot I had it. It's been sitting in the closet ever since. Can provide pictures and measurements, but the Uniqlo link has all that too. $150 shipped in the US, or send me offers. Measurements: Shoulders: 18" Chest: 21.5" Sleeve: 26.5" Length (back): 35"
Called it. Dorje is creepy.
Well, Drew's dropped hints about waxed cotton stuff in the past, and I've refused to let go of that hope. I was going to quote that epic idea post he made to bring it back to the front, but if I do, it'll bring on another flood of "omg Drew make knits/sunglasses/jeans/chinos/sneakers/etc" posts.Just sitting back and waiting to see what happens.
Having some major flashbacks... [[SPOILER]]
Tech companies in the Bay Area. Get paid plenty, wear whatever you want.
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