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Also could be considered the Canadian version of Club Monaco.
19" is wrong, it's probably more like 21". The new 5 zips seem to fit a lot slimmer than the old ones.
Full body gimp suit. Green Man is also appropriate.
Ugh, if it comes with a shoulder strap I don't think I'll be able to resist.
Just got in my order, the linen cardigan is perfect. Got it in navy, really tempted by the beige now too. And maybe another navy just in case. It's pretty slouchy, you can easily size down for a slim fit if you wanted to. I'm glad I didn't though, it's awesome as is.
Go Bears.
Gum ones look like ghetto Dior.
Are the collars on the slim fits still wimpy?
I'm imagining all of you sitting in tables at McDonald's, shouting out orders at imaginary waiters.
One of Schneider's best shirts ever, from S/S 2010. Hidden placket long sleeve button down shirt, with a subtle check pattern. Size V, but it's one of the slim fits. Second and third photos were taken outside, late afternoon, indirect light, so it looks bluer than it is. First picture is most color accurate. If this was a size bigger I'd keep it, but it was always too small for me, I was just too lazy to put up a listing. It's in fantastic condition. Shoulders:...
New Posts  All Forums: