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Called it. Dorje is creepy.
Well, Drew's dropped hints about waxed cotton stuff in the past, and I've refused to let go of that hope. I was going to quote that epic idea post he made to bring it back to the front, but if I do, it'll bring on another flood of "omg Drew make knits/sunglasses/jeans/chinos/sneakers/etc" posts.Just sitting back and waiting to see what happens.
Having some major flashbacks... [[SPOILER]]
Tech companies in the Bay Area. Get paid plenty, wear whatever you want.
At first you were just a little annoying, but now you genuinely just seem like a bad human being.
I have an intense hatred for people who don't understand what taking care of a dog entails. The derpy face on your white Shiba in that last picture is adorable.
Give any thought to releasing the audio? Would be cool to listen to this.
Brand new Uniqlo +J hidden placket dress shirt in white, size medium (US), from the F/W 2011 season of Uniqlo +J. The sleeves turned out to be too slim for me, so I shelved it and forgot about it. Kind of regret not buying another one in large at the time. Can supply my own pictures if needed but it's just as pictured. Fits pretty slim, best for a small to a slim medium. Shoulders: 17.5" Chest: 20.5" Sleeve: 26.5" Length (back): 31" $55 shipped in continental US. If...
Also could be considered the Canadian version of Club Monaco.
19" is wrong, it's probably more like 21". The new 5 zips seem to fit a lot slimmer than the old ones.
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