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How dare you sully the hallowed tradition of raw denim Vaio. I'm so legit I don't even wear my raw denim, to avoid inducing any blasphemous wear. My APCs have the sickest closet shelf fades.
A pair of painted German army trainers by Maison Martin Margiela in size 44, dark grey, from F/W 2010, back when they used the better OG tan suede. Brand new, never worn, just cleaning out the closet since I have too many shoes. Includes sneakers, laces, shoe bags. Doesn't include shoe box, which would cost extra to ship because shoe boxes are a pain in the ass. If you must have it, let me know and we'll figure it out. $300 shipped in the US.
If everyone just collectively marks his emails as spam we can permanently relegate his non-FTC-compliant spam to the junk folder.
It's pretty obvious that's some other dude wearing Vaio's jacket...Vaio's fit in the jacket.
In almost no way whatsoever, aside from the presence of shearling.
Except, as koy pointed out, they're not.
At least the laces aren't tied in a noose.
You look like a Sith lord walked out of Abercrombie & Fitch.
They run a little bit bigger than the regular oxfords. I hang dry mine, no ironing, and with the wrinkling it ends up fitting a bit slimmer, pretty close to the regular oxfords. If you like how the regular oxfords fit, get the same size in linen, it'll be a good looser fit, as a linen shirt should be.Medium s2s was about 18.25", p2p about 22". I machine wash cold, hang dry mine.I tried sizing down to a small before, they get too tight around upper arms/elbow if you do the...
New Posts  All Forums: