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It's navy, size V. I've had it since 2011, but I have so much outerwear that this coat is still literally unworn.
BNWT, bidding starts at $5000.
New oxford cloth is thinner and stiffer, will have to see how it changes after a few washes. Small detail change for the better, the last button now has a horizontal buttonhole.
Linen shirts will be $39.90 this year.
Pass on the orange. Their product images aren't true to color. In real life, the orange doesn't have any of the brown hues the site seems to show, it's more of an prisoner jumpsuit orange than rust.
I think we're pretty similar in size, I'm a bit taller though (6'1"). I don't have any waffle knit heattech, but I'm pretty consistently medium across the board in Uniqlo too. Just put the extra warm heattech back on, noticed a minor difference in fit: the sleeves are longer, more like regular length than the shorter length sleeves on normal heattechs.
Fit is identical. Fabric is just a little bit thicker. Not enough to affect layering, and the white isn't as see through as the regular white heattechs.
Extra warm heattech came. Fabric feels like a cross between regular heattech and fleece. Warm and comfy as hell. I've been wearing a regular heattech shirt and fleece jacket while bumming around at home, but this thing alone is just as warm. Wish they had v-necks.
lol at your definition of maturing including acting like an r/fitness idiot.
Waist bigger than length. Dior jeans made for a walking chode.
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