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only a close up today. The other pics turned out to be useless...
Wore one of my only pre-SF suits today. Everytime I put it on I am remindre by how much better my Suitsupply stuff fits, but I really like the fabric, so once or twice a year I take pity on it - always accompanied by the same comment from my wife " oh, someone is really wearing checks today" which is said in a not altogether positive tone...
Thank you. I am a 46 r ( euro that is).
I had the pants hemmed. That was it. The fabric is really nice. Probably my favourite among all the SuSu suits I own.
Thank you very much. The suit is Suitsupply - washington fit from last year's a/w. They had it in light grey flannel too. Still annoyed that I didn' buy it also..
Cross post from the Friday challengeand the shoes... [[SPOILER]]
Since I almost exclusively wear grey, brown and blue I thought I would give this one a go.I hope you will excuse the tired expression. Five weeks with litlle or no sleep does that to you and the shoes... [[SPOILER]]
^ I was right after all then
I will check when I get home. I might be mistaken
I own a Merano overcoat from last year´s Collection. I am pretty sure the cuffs are sewed shut...
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