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I know I will incur the wrath of the cognoscenti, but I dont think that cut flatters you SB.the buttoning point looks awfully high and the lapels very short ( albeit wide). Ok gents, give me your worst....
Looking good Betel. I envy your high temperatures
your room is a mess It looks pretty good to my eye. It might be a little tight as your behind is very accentuated right now, but the vent is still closed, which might aggravate this. If you could, maybe let out the sides just a little...
I own a Jort, and it is hands down my favourit suit. Depending on my Christmas bonus I am contemplating buying a second one in january. - probably the light grey birds eye. I am actually wearing it today - check out the WIWT thread if you like
Eliod is always a hard and classy act to follow, but here is my monday...For once we had a ray of sunshine this morning...
beautiful Crat. Care to share the maker of the suit ? The fabric looks a lot like a Jort suit from Suitsupply I own
I own a Jort which is more or less the same as La Spalla to my knowledge. I am pretty satisfied with the shirring:
first day in the last week without rain and enough light for a decent photo. The tie is too bulky I know...
Might be in weather permitting. With the amount of daylight we have here at the moment even a bright pink POW would come out black in a photo...( not that I own said item)
You got my thumb for the colours and textures Sugarbutch, but to my eye both pants and sleeves look a tad long ? And perhaps a non solid shirt would improve the fit even further ?
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