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Never Said I based my guess on science
Brighton is on my to do list. We were in London last summer during the heat wave and seriously considered a day trip to get to a beach, but it seemed like too long a trip for our son...
Having never been to Brighton I am just a little pleased that I got it right : sea on the right meant the east coast ( somewhere) and the cars and the pier said England i am actually reading a rather good crime novel set in Brighton right now : Peter James " dead man's time" : highly recommended if you like that kind of thing..
@Cleav: possibly Brighton ?
lovely boy there Stitches. Congratulations ! hope everything went as planned. Looks like warmer weather is finally here... Excuse the somewhat stern expression..
Give Gutteridge a try. Bought some stuffe there last fall that is getting a lot of wear ( sports coat, ties, pocket squares)
@cleav - excellent all round, but I am especially envious of the tie.
"Shatnez" is such a cool word
lengthwise the Hiro fits true to size Imo. I have worn mine maybe 5 or 6 times, so it is getting better. The Olfe is definitely roomier. Both are captoes btw. Actually the Ama last is probably the best fit of the three pairs of Meermin I own, but that may be due to the fact that suede is more forgiving.
I also wear a 7.5 in 348. Olfe should also be a 7.5. I own one pair of Hiros in 7.5 - they are very new and not 100 pct. broken in, but I think I should have sized up half a size...
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