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that is a lovely tie Don.
Finally added a black grenadine to my tie collection..As always a pleasue dealing with Exquisite Trimmings
I own a similar overcoat in navy herringbone from the last colletion. The standars size is pretty spot on, so I would not size up. The sleeves could be a tad longer, but I am guessing a tailor could fix it if I really wanted
+1 - not to mention the number of weird and disturbing offers and compliments I have received through Tumblr PMs ( and for some reason always from men,...)
I hope you will excuse the low quality pic. November is hopeless.....
As a dane I am sad to say that Sweden always wins... But we are slowly making inroads in Skåne again my lovely coworker from Lund is a danish civil servant and a swedish national. Not a combination you will see in most other nations with a history like ours
just ordered a black grenadine ( my third ET) . Too good a deal to pass
^ thanks for the assesments . I like the look of the pants, bur they sold out very quickly...
Thanks for clearing thst up Jeroen. While I really like the Jort stuff I am a little disappointed by the lack of winter weight suits this time around. There's the tweed, but that's. It, and that is too loud for me.. I ould have been all over a simple grey flannel...
I would also like to know this. Cannot remember having seen this piece before. Last season there was a blue tweed Sc but nothing like this. Looks great btw
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