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I knew the square was going to raise some hackles, but I just didn´t feel like white linen today, which I wear nine days out of ten. And as Stitchy wrote, it's too formal for the colourful tie...
this new orange number from Drakes is getting a lot of wear at the moment:
Looking very dapper Timo. How does solaro compare to linen temperature wise ?
At last a challenge I could take part in after all the World Cup nonsense ( the Danish team are utter crap at the moment..)
looks very summery HF. Haven´t posted for a while, but had a rare chance to take a picture today...Will probably be too loud for some..
Thanks. Luckily I am a 7.5 they do look great though. Mine have been treated to some severe scandinavian weather and Swims overshoes - which can't be recommended - especially the Swims. Leaves dark marks on the suede that you cannot get rid of...
Nice Clags. Am sorely tempted by those Meermin dbs . How are they holding up ? I own the snuff wholecut and find it a bit vulnerable....
Thanks for the feedback HF - much appreciated. The Hudson is definitely not as good as fit on me as the Lazio, Jort or Sienna. The buttoning point is also rather hight, but as I think I wrote earlier, it is a casual suit for the one or two months where linen is an option, so it will probably stay unbuttoned most of the time. It is on thr other hand the SS suit that has given me the most compliments - especially from the fairer sex ( my wife included )
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